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13th Sage: Two Do’s & a Don’t

A funny thing happens over time with an RPG that you’ve designed: your opinions can change. As you play it, and as new designers bring fresh perspectives and approaches to the table, you discover some unexpected things that work really well, and some things that…could be better. With that in mind, here are  two do’s […]

13th Sage: Alternative Ability Scores & Very Interesting Things

Many 13th Sage columns come from moments when I realize that I’m playing the game slightly differently than I was playing it before. Today’s column features two small wrinkles that have been working well in our games. New Alternative Array Ability Scores: The first bit comes more from Jonathan than me. It’s something we put […]

13th Sage: Bad Wine, New Campaign

I’ve started running a new 13th Age campaign for my Fire Opal Games comrades and their families. The PCs are (apparently) questing to recover a goddess who most of the world has forgotten. The Elf Queen has several statues of the missing goddess in one of the halls she devotes to her friends, and she […]

Book of Demons: Demonologist Path Mechanics

Sometimes a class is a bit more than a single class! The new demonologist class in Book of Demons is a bit like the druid in 13 True Ways in that it uses talent choices to define its class features and spell lists. The three demonologist paths—corruption, flame, and slaughter—have features in common, including resist […]

13th Sage: Updating Druid & Necromancer Summonings

Recently we’ve gotten some feedback from players on the summoning mechanics for champion and epic tier druids and necromancers that  coincides with how we handle summoning in new books like 13th Age Glorantha and Book of Demons. In this column, I’m going to take the opportunity to extend one of our summoning improvements to the […]

13th Sage: Swords & Serpent Demons

Part of the fun of developing adventures like Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan’s Red Crag Castle section of Book of Demons is adding monsters that complete the theme. Sometimes those missing bits turn out to be things that fill a gap in all of 13th Age, not just the one adventure. That turned out to be true for […]

13th Sage: A New Icon Relationship Variant from the 13th Arduin Campaign

By Rob Heinsoo, with Jonathan Tweet Another 13th Age campaign, another experiment with the icon relationship dice! My previous campaign was using a riff on the way that 13th Age Glorantha handles rune narrations. This time, in a campaign I’m referring to as 13th Arduin*, I’m using an idea from Jonathan that he hasn’t gotten […]

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