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13th Sage: Borrowing from Glorantha

The soon-to-arrive 13th Age Glorantha (13G) book from Moon Design is more than 6/8ths of the way through layout. I’ll share some monster conversion notes from Glorantha to the Dragon Empire when the layout is complete and the book is available to order on BackerKit. For now, let’s look at a couple of mechanical elements […]

13th Sage: Turn Turn Turn the Undead

  In the demonologist playtest I ran a week ago, the non-demonologist character in the party cast turn undead against a mixed group of zombie mooks and ghostly mooks. We were halfway through the attack when we all realized, no, this couldn’t be right, something was wrong with our results. I must have half-remembered an […]

13th Sage: Bestiary Background – Cat, Ghoul, Hydra

Publishing Lions & Tigers & Owlbears: 13th Age Bestiary 2 feels like a celebration! As part of the fun, we’re offering sample monsters from the book to a few gaming and geek culture sites, and I’m taking a sage moment here to tease out the origin stories. Rakshasa: The rakshasa entry started with art. Lee […]

13th Sage: Player Character Damage Math

Recently, a member of the 13th Age community who’s trying their hand at spell design asked if we had any resources to help with the math. We’ve written a lot about monster design, but haven’t really delved into classes; so for this month’s column, I’ll share the basic math behind figuring out how much damage characters should deal, […]

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