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13th Sage: Reintroducing the Druid

 I’ve been looking through old design files, finding interesting mechanics that we never got around to exploiting, and passages of writing that dropped through the cracks through no faults of their own. Here’s one such passage, an introductory paragraph that Jonathan must have written back when the druid was going to appear in the core […]

13th Sage: Skill Checks in 13th Age

With a sly flourish on Twitter, Michael E. Shea asked how Jonathan Tweet and I ask for skill checks: Attribute? “Choose an appropriate background?” First Method There are a couple of ways to call for checks in 13th Age. Jonathan’s is simplest, and he gave it on Twitter (at @JonathanMTweet if you’re not following him […]

13th Sage: New Alternative Array Ability Scores

by Jonathan Tweet and Rob Heinsoo When creating characters in a d20-rolling RPG, some of us will always want to roll ability scores. Others hate the randomness, or the risk of rolling up a less-then-competent characters, and opt for point-buy systems. In our games, we let players choose the method they like. When we make […]

13th Sage: Lightning Elementals

Cal Moore created the lightning elemental as part of the newly published High Magic & Low Cunning: Battle Scenes for Four Icons. I tweaked the stats a bit to get them to play more like our other elementals. High Magic & Low Cunning includes stats for the 7th level version of the lighting elemental. The […]

13th Sage: 13 Curious Things that Goblins Do

by Jonathan Tweet Keep large bugs as pets, sometimes very large ones and often edible ones. Ferment food in holes in the ground, a treatment that nicely softens bug exoskeletons. Worship ecstatically, even violently, in front of shapeless idols. Mark family relationships with stylized scars. Cut mementos off the bodies of the dead before burning […]

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