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The Feast of Gold: Dragon Wood and Santa Cora

Feast of Gold Public Service Announcement: The Crusader wants to get his Feast of Gold celebrations underway, but there’s some unfinished business to attend to. There are fewer than 25 pre-order opportunities left for 13th Age. These Escalation Editions are running around First Triumph, getting underfoot and generally being irritating. Give the Crusader the holiday gift of peace of mind! […]

Who Did I Punch? 20 Tavern Brawlers for 13th Age

I started my Blackmarch 13th Age campaign this past weekend. It’s sort of like True Grit with swords and magic, and I decided to get the players into the frontier spirit by kicking it off with a good, old-fashioned tavern brawl. I treated the other brawlers as low-hp mooks, so the PCs could emerge as […]

13 True Ways – Paint The Town Round 2 Winner: Horizon!

From Rob Heinsoo: We have two winners of Paint the Town. The winners are the Three and the Archmage. You expected maybe Drakkenhall and Horizon? Oh yeah. Right. The cover story is that it’s a geography piece, a city map. But what’s really going down is that we’ll be digging into the impact an icon […]

Ash Law: 13th Age at ZOEcon

Rob Heinsoo wasn’t the only GM representing 13th Age at ZOEcon in Seattle. Ash Law (The Reliquary) gives her convention report: The Dwarf King’s Double’s Second Beard Our session started with me standing outside the room at ZOECon giving away books. That’s right, I had a load of old game books and was just giving […]

13 True Ways – Paint The Town Round 1 Winner: Drakkenhall!

One of the big stretch goals we reached during the Kickstarter for 13 True Ways, the first 13th Age expansion, was Paint The Town. It goes like this: backers get to vote on which major city in the Dragon Empire gets a detailed section in the book that includes at least one full two-page map of […]

7 Scary Games for Halloween

Halloween is drawing near, and you might be looking for appropriately spooky games to run for your players. Here’s a quick roundup of seven Pelgrane Press games and adventures that might fit the bill: Night’s Black Agents by Kenneth Hite – The designer of this mashup of the spy thriller and horror genres describes it as “The Bourne […]

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