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Running DramaSystem at Conventions

Some of the most powerful roleplaying experiences I’ve ever had have come from running DramaSystem games. Starting with the Hillfolk roleplaying game, and continuing with Blood on the Snow and Series Pitch of the Month, DramaSystem offers a wealth of setting options for players to inhabit, and create compelling stories of interpersonal conflict and emotional […]

13th Age: Third Party Products Worth A Look

As an OGL product, 13th Age is available for third-party publishers to create compatible supplements, adventures, settings and more. They can also create their own games using its Archmage Engine. Recently, Simon Rogers asked the 13th Age community which third party products they’d recommend. Here are their top favorites:   Amethyst: Apotheosis (Dias Ex Machina […]

13th Sage: More Uses for Montages

Montages—first introduced in our organized play adventures and later expanded on in the 13th Age Game Master’s Resource Book—can quickly advance a story while co-creating events and interactions that might contribute in surprising ways later in the session or the campaign. Here are the basics of running a montage: Start with a player who is […]

13th Age Chaos Mage Spellcasting: Example of Play

On the Google+ 13th Age community, Stefano Gaburri posted a question about the casting sequence of the 13th Age chaos mage class: A while ago I asked about “daily” spells for Chaos Mages, namely: since they’re limited, can a mage cast the same spell multiple times, since he’s gonna cast the same maximum number of dailies […]

13th Age Adopt-A-Monster 2017

Download the free 13th Age Bestiary 2 preview pack, with the Great Ghoul, chaos hydra, and rakshasa! It’s Adopt-a-Monster month, when we urge you to take home some of the adorable beasties in our 13th Age product line. (Whose heart wouldn’t melt at the sight of a little intellect devourer scampering up when they come home […]

Friday the 13th Age Returns!

It’s Friday the 13th, and you know what that means: it’s 13th Age Day. To celebrate, we’re offering a 13% discount on select 13th Age products at the Pelgrane Store and DriveThruRPG until Monday. Use the code 13TH@FRI at the Pelgrane Store. The discount applies to all 13th Age PDFs on both stores, and all print items except bundles, […]

5e or 13th Age: Which Is Right For Your Group?

We were as surprised as anyone that our announcement of 13th Age—a new d20-rolling fantasy RPG by the lead designers of 3rd edition and 4th edition—happened right when Wizards of the Coast announced that 5th edition was on the way. Though part of the same tradition, the games had fundamental differences in approach, and provide […]

Fire & Faith: Battle Scenes for Four Icons

Fire & Faith: Battle Scenes for Four Icons is the final volume in the Battle Scenes Series. The Battle Scenes books are independent collections of icon-themed encounters for the 13th Age Roleplaying Game  at all levels of play, packed with dangerous hand-picked foes on terrifying terrain. Less Prep, More Play! Chase the Diabolist’s Circus of Hell […]

Pelgrane GMs Needed for Gen Con 2017

We’re still looking for GMs to run our games at Gen Con 2017! If you’re interested in joining the GM crew at Gen Con, please email us at with the following info: Your name and, if you have one, a nickname, alias, or online handle that gamers might know you by (e.g. cthulhuchick, Heavy Metal GM) Your convention-registered email […]

13th Age Organized Play Update: October 2016

Return to Screamhaunt Castle Screamhaunt Castle disappeared years ago. Tonight, it returned to its birthplace of Gravenstein. Now the adventurers must contend with ghosts, ghouls, and things that go bump in the night to investigate the cursed place. To add to their worries, Madame Vex the seer has given the adventurers a very disturbing card […]

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