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Friday the 13th Age: The Diabolist Attacks!

May 13 is the only Friday the 13th in 2016, and the Diabolist is performing one of her biggest demon-summoning rituals yet! We’re getting reports of hellholes opening across the Dragon Empire. Strange things are emerging from them, and reality is warping in startling ways.   Hellhole #1 A whirling tornado of cursed coins. Effect: All 13th Age […]

13th Age Organized Play Update: April 2016

Ironfire: Part 1 For months, strange meteorites have rained down on the Dragon Empire, bringing strange creatures known as star-masks: parasites that latch onto the faces of other beings and take over their minds and bodies. Now the Dwarf King has announced that he’s retrieved an intact meteorite and is willing to sell it to the highest bidder. […]

13th Age Organized Play Update: March 2016

Into The Underworld 4: Eldwold Rises! Into The Underworld: Eldwold Rises! is the fourth installment in the Underworld series. The adventurers have been tracking a gem that crashed into the underworld inside a meteorite—and now the gem has finally been located, in a malevolent living dungeon that’s has patterned itself after the now-ruined surface city of Eldwold. Into the […]


Phoenixes are more than a symbol—they seem functionally immortal, though there may be years or decades or even centuries between some rebirths. Rob Heinsoo and ASH LAW bring these fiery elementals to 13th Age, with writeups for the flamebird phoenix, resurgent phoenix, void phoenix, and solar phoenix. You’ll also find phoenix-themed magic items, adventure hooks, and more! […]

13th Age Organized Play: February 2016 Update

Game Masters Still Needed for Gen Con! And Other Cons! There’s so much demand for 13th Age play at conventions that we can always use more help from GMs. If you want to join our crew as a volunteer GM, fill out this form! Download Into The Underworld 3: Among The Dead Into The Underworld: Among […]

Download Free 13th Age Battles From High Magic & Low Cunning

High Magic & Low Cunning: Battle Scenes for Five Icons is available to pre-order, and it’s pretty great! But you don’t have to take my word for it: Check out these free previews of Rafting Razoredge Gorge, a low-level adventure featuring a journey through perilous waters to ambush an orcish camp. Battle 1: Catch of the Day (download the […]

13th Age Organized Play: January 2016 Update

Game Masters Needed for Gen Con It’s time to submit events for Gen Con Indy 2016, and once again we plan to run tons of organized play sessions! If you want to join our crew as a volunteer GM, email with your name, contact info, and days/hours you’re available at the show. Hope to see you […]

13th Age Organized Play: November 2015 Update

Download Into The Underworld The second adventure in Season 2 just went out to 13th Age Alliance GMs! Into The Underworld is a 1st level 13th Age adventure in four two-hour sessions, taking PCs into the realms below the Dragon Empire to investigate a fallen meteorite. But first they must face new enemies, as well as some familiar foes with new […]

Designing the 13th Age GM’s Resource Book

Pre-Order the 13th Age Gamemaster Screen and Resource Book, and download the PDF now! “We have targeted the game toward experienced gamemasters and players at all levels of roleplaying experience.” – 13th Age core book 13th Age assumes you already know how to run an F20 roleplaying game—in fact, you’ve probably already done it more than a few times. You’re […]

13th Age Organized Play: October 2015 Update

Download Battle of Axis and Race to Starport Season Two of 13th Age organized play kicked off with Race to Starport, which features a bizarre and creepy new threat to the Dragon Empire. We’ve updated the Organized Play Google Doc to include download links to Race to Starport and The Battle of Axis, the grand finale […]

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