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13th Age Organized Play: September 2015 Update

Coming Soon Keep watching the skies! Race to Starport, the first adventure in Season Two of 13th Age organized play, is coming in the next few days. Keep an eye out for the email—13th Age Monthly subscribers will be able to download it from their order page, and non-subscribers will receive a download link. In this […]

13th Age Organized Play: What’s Next

This week, Tales of the 13th Age GMs receive The Battle of Axis — an adventure that brings the first season of 13th Age organized play to a thundering conclusion! The fact that 13th Age organized play exists at all is a minor miracle wrought by ASH LAW. Rob Heinsoo originally believed that 13th Age’s […]

13th Age Organized Play: May 2015 Update

Coming Soon ASH LAW reports that The Battle of Axis will be the next adventure in our Tales of the 13th Age organized play program. This epic-tier adventure features a multi-session battle against the undead in the very heart of the Dragon Empire! Gen Con Play Events Sold Out We submitted nearly 70 organized play […]

13th Age Organized Play: Dungeons of Drakkenhall

Tales of the 13th Age is our free organized play program for the 13th Age roleplaying game. Each month’s adventure is designed so that GMs can customize it for their own group, but players can easily bring their characters to other Tales of the 13th Age events. Register here and embark on a world-spanning epic […]

13th Sage: There’s No Such Thing as a Shadow Mongoose

By Rob Heinsoo and ASH LAW At the Gen Con 2014 Monster Design workshop, ASH LAW, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, and I collaborated with the audience to create a new 13th Age monster from scratch. It was great fun, and our audience-collaborators all signed my black book so that we could list their names at the end of this […]

3 Cursed Magic Items for Friday the 13th Age

Traditionally in the West, Friday the 13th is a day of calamity: plans go awry, every advantage is met with a disadvantage, and any act can have unintended consequences. In that spirit, here are three cursed magic items for the 13th Age roleplaying game: Mr. Punch’s Hat (+2 armor at adventurer tier): Once per day when […]

Announcing Friday the 13th Age

Every Friday the 13th, fans want to know what we’re doing to celebrate 13th Age. Because let’s face it: every Friday the 13th should be 13th Age Day. So now it’s official. Starting this Friday the 13th — and on every Friday the 13th after — we’re going to try and TAKE OVER THE WORLD. We want to fill Twitter, […]

13th Sage: PC-Focused Mass Combat Rules

When you’re adventuring in the 13th Age, things sometimes get…out of hand. Maybe you stumbled into (or instigated) a violent uprising against the local authorities. Or maybe, thanks to that ritual you performed at the heart of a living dungeon, you accidentally brought about the end of the age — and massive armies dedicated to opposing […]

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