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The 13th Age Kickstarter and 13 True Ways

13 True Ways is a 180 page hardback book from the original 13th Age team – Rob Heinsoo, Jonathan Tweet, Aaron McConnell and Lee Moyer. The Fire Opal and Pelgrane Press Kickstarter for 13 True Ways has hit its mark with over a week to go –  so it’s going to happen. 13 True Ways […]

13th Age Video from Gen Con: Rob Heinsoo, Jonathan Tweet and Rob Watkins on the icons

The designers and developer did a seminar at Gen Con introducing 13th Age to an audience that had, up until then, only known of it through rumor and hearsay. We got this short video clip, and wanted to share: You can hear more about 13th Age this weekend at PAX, where Rob Heinsoo will appear […]

13th Age at PAX Prime

The 13th Age crew will be out in force at PAX Prime! If you’re attending, we invite you to… Stop by our table: We’ll be on 3rd floor of the  Washington State Convention Center, right in front of rooms 305 and 306. We’ll be easy to find: look for the big Archmage and Diabolist banners.The table will be […]

Let the games begin!

“Axis, City of Swords…capital of the Dragon Empire, one of the 7 Cities.  Axis is a city of wonders, military power, and martial competition. Gladiatorial games, skirmishes between noble houses, and staged holy wars hone the fighting spirit of an empire built on conquest.”  –Text from the 13th Age Playtest I think the comparison between gladiatorial […]

The 13th Age Escalation Edition Download v3.0 Ready

This edition is on the threshold. All our art by Aaron and Lee is finished. Classes and systems are in place in broad strokes, development is underway, we’re pushing towards completion. The most significant shift in gameplay introduced in this edition come from monster damage expressions. Playtest feedback, and our own games, indicated that our […]

Free 13th Age Downloads and Resources

Here you’ll find official materials as well as useful game resources and play aids created by the 13th Age fan community. A link to a third-party site doesn’t mean that we agree with or endorse all of the opinions on that site. Quick Links 13th Age core book 13th Age FAQ 13th Age Organized Play 13th Age Licensing Vault […]

Behind-the-Illustration: The Prince of Shadows

The Prince of Shadows is part thief, part trickster, and part assassin. To some he is a hero; to others a villain. He has squandered the riches of the dwarves, murdered the hopes of a dragon, and plundered the dreams of a god. His exploits have changed the world, but none can tell you his ultimate goals […]

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