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Hillfolk Goodies

SHUFFLE UP SOME HILLFOLK INSPIRATION! This custom playing card deck for Hillfolk and DramaSystem includes face cards styled for your next saga of Iron Age Drama. Special scene prompts appear on each card, giving you suggestions to jump-start your creativity the next time you’re stumped for a scene. In addition to illustrations for the face […]

Hillfolk Tokens

In DramaSystem, all participants, including the GM, collect and spend tokens throughout the course of an episode. Red, yellow and green tokens are called procedural tokens, and are used to call procedural scenes your character is not in and determine how many cards you draw to resolve procedural scenes. Blue tokens are recommended to represent […]

Status in DramaSystem

Up until the middle of the 20th century, when class distinctions started to soften and an egalitarian ethic took hold in the West, differences in social status remained a key concern of the English-language storytelling tradition. Today’s audiences sometimes have trouble understanding why Tess of the d’Ubervilles doesn’t leave and set up a hat shop […]

Narcocorrido: December Series Pitch for DramaSystem

“I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger.” —Walter White, Breaking Bad Every month the DramaSystem Series Pitch of the Month Club brings you a new and unique series pitch for the Hillfolk RPG. For December, Jesse Scoble draws you into the dark and violent world of border drug trafficking with Narcocorrido. Here, narcotraficantes and […]

Hillfolk Signings at Gen Con

Hail, raiders of the Gen Con high country!  To celebrate the launch of Hillfolk and its companion volume Blood on the Snow, we’ve arranged two signing events at the Pelgrane Press booth. We have so many contributors at the show that we’re going to be splitting our signers into two bunches. On Thurs Aug 15th […]

Hillfolk Goes to Layout

I am very pleased to report that editorial for the core Hillfolk book has been completed. The last submissions are in, edited, and proofed, and the text and illustrations are now in the hands of graphic design supremo Christian Knutsson. That final straggler of a Series Pitch is now in hand at last. Barring unforeseen […]

Hillfolk Mystery Contributor Revealed

If it’s mid-April it must be time for another Hillfolk progress report. Here’s where the project stands. I am still awaiting submissions from three Series Pitch writers. Once those are in I’ll be know how the actual word count compares to the goal.  This will allow me to edit two other pitches that came in […]

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