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View From the Pelgrane’s Nest – May 2020

As we’re moving toward more video content, I decided to record my View From the Pelgrane’s Nest in video format this month. Turns out, my rural Irish broadband does not like to upload videos. And so, more than a week later than anticipated, the first ever Video View From the Pelgrane’s Nest: Watch the full […]

Nice Foes for Nice Icons

13th Age permits players to take negative relationships with Icons, to define their characters in opposition to these mighty foes. Sometimes, though, it’s tricky to reconcile that opposition with the mechanical benefits of icons. It’s easy to justify getting a benefit from a positive or conflicted relationship – I’m a loyal follower of the Crusader, […]

Pelgrane in the Time of Corona

It’s been a long two months, and we hope that you’re staying safe and well, and adapting to life in self-isolation. We’ve been very fortunate in that both our UK and US warehouses are able to work while remaining compliant with the regulations of the UK & Nevada state authorities’ health recommendations. All US & […]

May playtesting

Please email for instructions on how to take part in this month’s playtest! Title: GUMSHOE Kids System: GUMSHOE core book Author: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan Deadline: Monday, June 1st 2020 Number of sessions: 1 per adventure Description: Try out the first draft of a GUMSHOE adaptation for players aged 7 to 12! Featuring two settings with custom […]

Pelgrane Press is Virtual

by Noah Lloyd Just because you’re physically distancing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be social, and what better way to stay social than by finding ways to play some of your favorite games? Pelgrane Press is on all the major virtual tabletops – and then some! I’ve collated some of our products, specially designed for your […]


by Adam Gauntlett Running all over Europe shooting vampires attracts attention from governments, police agencies, and other unsympathetic official observers. Night’s Black Agents represents this attention, and the concomitant investigations and pursuits, with the abstract value of Heat. If you make it go Boom, there are consequences. What should those consequences be? How can they […]

The Iconic Hero: Fantasy Classics in Swords of the Serpentine

By Kevin Kulp There’s value in seeing how a hero you know translates into Swords of the Serpentine, especially when that hero changes over time. SotS lets you play fledgling (less experienced) and sovereign (exceptionally experienced) versions of the same character, jumping back and forth in time between adventures in the same way a collection […]

Pay What You Want for Free (RPG Day) adventures

Over the years, we’ve released a number of one-shot adventures for our systems during Free RPG Day, and we often get messages asking us for the PDFs. As we know everyone’s looking for more gaming opportunities at the moment, we’ve collected them all here, now. All we ask is that if you download, run and […]

GUMSHOE Scenario Sparks

by Bryant Durrell The Yellow King RPG can be daunting for a Keeper: four different settings, potentially lengthy campaign arcs, and to top it all off the canonical kick-off asks the Keeper to improvise connections between the Deuced Peculiar Things invented by the players and her carefully crafted scenario. I’ve always struggled a little bit […]

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