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Time War Concludes: Evil Pelgrane Triumphant!

The TimeWatch Roleplaying Game pre-order is still on—but the war for this reality has ended. Evil Pelgrane, our mirror-universe doppelgangers from an alternate timeline, invaded our timeline and wreaked havoc: hijacking our Twitter accounts, delivering bad GUMSHOE advice, and stealing precious items from other RPG settings. You joined the fight, casting your votes for Good Pelgrane or […]

The Quick and Clean Guide to Having Already Run Your First TimeWatch Game

Before I ran my first TimeWatch session, I was intimidated. The PCs can roam anywhere and anywhen, defeat their enemies before they are born and even get help from themselves. How can you do anything other than improvise if players have that scope? In practice it was very straightforward, easy and fun. So, like the […]

An Overview of TimeWatch for GUMSHOE GMs – Part Two, Gear

This article follows on from Part One, Characters, to give GUMSHOE GMs a picture of what the TimeWatch RPG has to offer. With the whole of history to play with, the TimeWatch RPG is able to offer you an incredible selection of equipment. We’ll start with the standard issue equipment of the TimeWatch agent. All […]

An Overview of TimeWatch for GUMSHOE GMs – Part One, Characters

Each GUMSHOE game takes the background-neutral GUMSHOE core and makes changes to suit the game. Mutant City Blues has investigative abilities which let cops gather evidence of super-powered malfeasance. Night’s Black Agents has pools of points for spy networks, and thriller combat options. Fear Itself lets your group build and Escape Pool to flee the […]

Evil Pelgrane’s Bad GUMSHOE Advice

GUMSHOE is the rules engine used in many of Evil Pelgrane’s products, from The Esoterrorists to Trail of Cthulhu to our newest (evil) release, Timewatch. (GUMSHOE is capitalised because it’s an acronym  – Generic Universal Mechanic Serving Henchmen Of Evil Why else would it be all-caps?). It’s 10 years old this year, so let’s take […]

Time War: Evil Pelgrane Attacks!

The TimeWatch Roleplaying Game is now available to pre-order! But this happy occasion is threatened, as sinister forces from a dark timeline launch an attack on our reality. TimeWatch needs brave recruits to help defend it! Vote in the survey below to strike a blow for either side. But remember: your vote has the power to change our future, by altering […]

The Tree People: TimeWatch Adapts KARTAS

The Tree People: TimeWatch Adapts KARTAS By Kevin Kulp If you haven’t already, consider seeking out the ENnie-winning podcast Ken And Robin Talk About Stuff, where GUMSHOE authors Kenneth Hite and Robin D. Laws opine about history, time travel, and creative game design. Here in See Page XX, we’ll periodically show you how to further […]

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