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Laying the groundwork

Just to let people know that we are currently in the preparation phase of the Eternal Lies Suite project. This means that right now we’re focusing on a variety of tasks: – Developing themes for the suite Dividing up the various tracks amongst the group Building a suitable orchestral template within the sequencer software For […]

The Eternal Lies Suite

In the beginning… As I’m about to undertake the creation of a suite of music for the upcoming Trail of Cthulhu supplement, Eternal Lies, I thought it best to first give everyone a quick introduction. My name is James Semple. I’m a media composer who has written music for both film and videogames. I’m also […]

Stargazer’s World reviews Armitage Files

Review of the improvisational Trail of Cthulhu supplement Armitage Files on Stargazer’s World. “The Armitage Files” is definitely a book anyone interested in running Trail of Cthulhu should own, especially if you want to try something new. But it proves – without a shadow of doubt – that it’s possible to improvise an investigative games […]

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