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Stargazer’s World reviews Armitage Files

Review of the improvisational Trail of Cthulhu supplement Armitage Files on Stargazer’s World. “The Armitage Files” is definitely a book anyone interested in running Trail of Cthulhu should own, especially if you want to try something new. But it proves – without a shadow of doubt – that it’s possible to improvise an investigative games […]

Eternal Lies – The Album

Eternal Lies, the forthcoming mammoth campaign for Trail of Cthulhu will have a sound track album designed for use in actual play, created by James Semple and a team of other musicians. James Semple, has produced music for GUMSHOE including four tracks for Esoterrorists (Dissonance) and four track for Trail of Cthulhu (Four Shadows ) […]

Two mentions on RPG Countdown

The RPG Countdown podcast is the network chart of rpg popularity, measuring weekly sales on One Book Shelf  ( and Rough Magicks and Trail of Cthulhu both have a second appearance in the charts, partly due to the very succesful 15% sale we had last week. Ken talks about both products. This is worth […]

Trail of Cthulhu, reviewed by C. W. Richeson

There’s a new review of Trail of Cthulhu up on by CW Richeson. Trail of Cthulhu takes a fresh look at Lovecraft’s Mythos with a strong focus on investigation, excellent writing, and plenty of play support. Style: 5 (Excellent!) Substance: 4 (Meaty) He says: In play I was concerned that my traditional style of […]

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