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Bookhounds of London Limited Edition

A bit more information on the Bookhounds Limited Edition. Ken has signed each one of the leatherbound volumes and added a Lovecraftian word. We’ll assign these at random, with a ten reserved for contributors, staff and charity auctions. Beth, for example, has taken the shoggoth. My plan at the moment is the offer the limited […]

New Page XX – Feb 2011 – Out Now

The first See Page XX of 2011 is out now. Within, Robin D Law’s explores the non-clue-based advantages of the GUMSHOE system. Following the Trail theme, we have Project Covenant setting from Michael Dauman, Mike Drew’s intriguing Rise and Fall of a Book Collector, and the exceptional Dreamlands setting from Gareth Hanrahan as well as […]

Armitage Files Review

John Stavropoulos declared Armitage Files his Best RPG Purchase of 2010. Read more here. Why do I love it? Most modules don’t fit my style of GMing. I’m a very improvisational GM who likes to build scenarios around my players (rather than run railroady static scenarios where the players feel disconnected and “dropped in”). The […]

New Projects for Playtesting

Here at Pelgrane we’ve increased our production over the past four months so we have a lot of new projects that need playtesting in exchange for our eternal gratitude and a credit in the relevant book/PDF. If you’re interested in helping us out with the playtests, please email me stating the name of the playtest […]

A cover for Cthulhu Apocalypse

Here is a proposal for the cover of Cthulhu Apocalypse. Please do let us know what you think. (Edited to add: Thank you for all your feedback on this. We aimed for a cosy British apocalypse with this picture, which we got, but it’s clear we need to have a rethink. Your comments have been […]

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