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Eternal Lies: Meet the composers

This is the last of the introductions to the composers for the Eternal Lies suite. My name is Yaiza Varona, I’m Spanish, born in Barcelone but lived most of my life in Tenerife, Canary Islands. I am a musicologist and  composer. When James Semple offered me the chance to be part of this project, even […]

Pelgrane Biz Part 2 – Printing Ashen Stars

As I discussed in Pelgrane Biz Part 1, it’s expensive and risky to print books by offset litho, even though the results are gratifying, and the rewards, if the sales are high enough, are excellent. But there is every chance that Trail of Cthulhu is a one-off success, and won’t be repeated. That said, I […]

Pelgrane Non-English Licensing

Pelgrane products have been translated into four languages, with Portuguese the most recent. RetroPunk, our Portugeuse licensee have been working quickly, and we already have their cover image for Trail of Cthulhu (upper left). We are very fortunate with our licensees that they are reliable, produce excellent translations, and pay promptly. French: 7eme cercle Italian: […]

Eternal Lies Suite … meet the composers

Following on with the music blog, I’m going to let Mike Torr introduce himself… I’m a composer with a broad spectrum of experience and influences.  A long history as a keyboard performer (and one-time double bass player) has taken me through a landscape of Electronica, Blues, Classical, Jazz, and Rock; via the usual grind of […]

Ashen Stars Ship Schematic

In Ashen Stars (formerly GUMSHOE Space), every PC has a warpside role and a groundside role. Warpside, you can take on the role of pilot, gunner, erngineer, comms, stratco or medic, doubling up where necessary. During starship combat, each role has an important part to play and meaningful choices to make. As well as the […]

Eternal Lies Suite … meet the composers

Hi … I thought it apt to begin introducing the various composers who are working on the Eternal Lies suite. Here is Marie-Anne Fischer in her own words… I fell in love with composing music when in South Africa, after moving from my native Belgium.  Rhythms, beats and sounds of Africa stylised my music, some […]

Collaborations and themes

Here’s a quick update on the state of the Eternal Lies suite. This has been a truly phenomenal week with a chance for composers and authors to finally bounce ideas of one another. I’ve been absolutely amazed by the exceptional ideas coming from Will and Jeff and I’m so pleased about their enthusiasm for having […]

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