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Jack Belkirk

A Trail of Cthulhu GMC in Armitage Files format Resort Owner Name: Jack Belkirk Physical Description: heavy-set man in his mid-fifties, wears overly tight suits, hair slicked to scalp with faintly medicinal-smelling pomade Sinister: The blood of the Deep Ones courses through Jack’s veins. Yet when he reached the age where other members of his […]

The Confidential Armitage Files

The Armitage Files is Robin D Laws’ groundbreaking adventure of improvised Mythos investigation. Cthulhu Confidential is Robin D Laws’ groundbreaking game of solo Mythos investigation. Putting two groundbreaking products together is hazardous for Gamemasters. You run the risk of collapsing the ground beneath you. However, the risk can be worth it: improvised play supports the […]

Druggist Frank Warren: Sinister, Innocuous, or Stalwart?

Pharmacist A Trail of Cthulhu GMC in Armitage Files format Name: Frank Warren Physical Description: late 50s, papery complexion, thinning hair Sinister: Frank Warren became a pharmacist to make use of the alchemical secrets his father taught him from the family collection of moldering Renaissance manuscripts. He chose to operate in this desperate urban neighborhood […]

Golden Geek Award Nominations

We are very pleased to have been nominated for a second time in the Golden Geek Awards. Ashen Stars and Bookhounds of London have been nominated for Best Artwork and Presentation, The Armitage Files and Bookhounds of London for Best Supplement. You can vote here, but you need to be a member with Geek Gold. […]

Alternate Armitages

by Robin D. Laws The Armitage Files, my recent, Silver-Ennie winning, campaign sourcebook for Trail of Cthulhu, has been hailed for an innovative approach—one I will now encourage you to steal. If you’ve yet to check it out, Armitage presents a new take on the epic Cthulhu campaign. It provides building blocks for a player-driven, […]

The Armitage Files Review

Paco Garcia Jaen at G*M*S Magazine has posted an excellent review of The Armitage Files. This is a masterpiece. Not because the adventure is astonishingly good and attractive, but because the thinking behind the book, the perfect sandbox layout and the second to none writing is as good as it gets. This is Robin D. […]

Armitage Files Review

John Stavropoulos declared Armitage Files his Best RPG Purchase of 2010. Read more here. Why do I love it? Most modules don’t fit my style of GMing. I’m a very improvisational GM who likes to build scenarios around my players (rather than run railroady static scenarios where the players feel disconnected and “dropped in”). The […]

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