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13th Age Organized Play: November 2015 Update

Download Into The Underworld The second adventure in Season 2 just went out to 13th Age Alliance GMs! Into The Underworld is a 1st level 13th Age adventure in four two-hour sessions, taking PCs into the realms below the Dragon Empire to investigate a fallen meteorite. But first they must face new enemies, as well as some familiar foes with new […]

13th Age Organized Play: October 2015 Update

Download Battle of Axis and Race to Starport Season Two of 13th Age organized play kicked off with Race to Starport, which features a bizarre and creepy new threat to the Dragon Empire. We’ve updated the Organized Play Google Doc to include download links to Race to Starport and The Battle of Axis, the grand finale […]

13th Age Organized Play: September 2015 Update

Coming Soon Keep watching the skies! Race to Starport, the first adventure in Season Two of 13th Age organized play, is coming in the next few days. Keep an eye out for the email—13th Age Monthly subscribers will be able to download it from their order page, and non-subscribers will receive a download link. In this […]

13th Age Organized Play: What’s Next

This week, Tales of the 13th Age GMs receive The Battle of Axis — an adventure that brings the first season of 13th Age organized play to a thundering conclusion! The fact that 13th Age organized play exists at all is a minor miracle wrought by ASH LAW. Rob Heinsoo originally believed that 13th Age’s […]

13th Age Organized Play Program

Welcome to Pelgrane Press’ free organized play program for 13th Age RPG. You can play it anywhere you like: at home, your local game store, the neighborhood tavern…wherever.  Each game of 13th Age is different, because the One Unique Things and backgrounds of the characters in separate groups will be different. These rules give players the ability to help […]

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