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The Plain People of Gaming: Six Tips on Convention Games

With Gencon upon us like an amorous gorilla of fun, here are six precepts that have served me well when running games at conventions. 1. Know The Player Characters The PCs are the players’ interface with your adventure. If there’s one bit of preparation you can never skimp on, it’s the player characters. You don’t […]

Gaming Events at Origins Game Fair

Pelgrane Press will be at Origins Game Fair on June 11-14, running the following 4-hour games in the Hyatt Regency Ballroom. You can find a master spreadsheet at http://originsgamefair.com/events/games/. Hope to see you there! Event Number Event Name Event Start Date/Time Game Master 7011 13th Age – Omenquest Thu 10:00 AM Jacob Wachtman 6981 13th […]

Play Night’s Black Agents at PAX Prime

Maybe you heard that Night’s Black Agents, the supernatural spy-thriller game by Kenneth Hite, scored two silver ENnie awards at Gen Con; and that its new expansion Double Tap sold out at the show. I ca hear you asking, “Can I try this amazing-sounding game at PAX?” and “Is this an opportunity for me to […]

13th Age at PAX Prime 2013 – Onsite And Online

Are you going to PAX Prime in Seattle? Hey, us too! Here’s a roundup of all things 13th Age: Play 13th Age – 13 awesome GMs will run 13th Age at Indie RPGs on Demand, Washington State Convention Center Room #305/306, with games starting every hour. We’ll also have Very Special Guest GMs, and never-before-seen monsters from […]

13th Age GMs Urgently Needed at Gen Con!

MAYDAY: Two of our Gen Con volunteer GMs had to cancel their con plans. That’s 14 hours of 13th Age gaming that won’t happen, unless heroic GMs step up to take over their slots. If you can help, please email cat@pelgranepress.com! In return for your help we can offer swag, and a chance to hobnob […]

2013 World Night’s Black Agents Championship at DEXCON 16

CONFIDENTIAL//SI-NBA//ORCON We have learned that last year’s operation in Morristown, New Jersey failed to end the vampire threat. Kenneth Hite and John Adamus urgently request assistance at DEXCON 16 from 10:00AM – 6:00PM, Saturday, July 6, 2013 to counter yet another assault by the undead… …or to participate in it. The Operation: The 2013 World Night’s Black […]

13th Age at Norwescon 36 – Jon Spengler Reports

Jon Spengler of Dorkadia volunteered to run 13th Age at Norwescon in Seattle, and posted about the experience on his blog. He’s kindly given us permission to share his article here. If you’re interested in running 13th Age at a con or at your local game store, we’d love to know! Contact me at wade.rockett@fireopalmedia.com I was […]

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