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The Pelgrane Deep Cuts summer sale

You’ve bought the hit singles and most popular collections. This summer sale gives you 25% off PDFs of the Pelgrane deep cuts – some rare gems of games that we feel are sadly overlooked compared to our other games. Here’s what’s in the offer:   The Gaean Reach: The Roleplaying Game of Interstellar Vengeance, brings […]

Playable races for Owl Hoot Trail

New Character Races for Owl Hoot Trail by Paul Stefko The west is a wide and mysterious place, home to all sorts of folks. The half’ins, hill folk, orcs, and shee you’re used to aren’t the only people out there. The following races may be available for characters if the GM is willing. Centaurs Never […]

Owl Hoot Trail review from The Everwayan

The Everwayan points out that with “…all the excitement over the release of 13th Age, it might be easy to overlook another excellent new release from Pelgrane Press, the Western RPG Owl Hoot Trail.” Further along is mentioned “The setting is mostly up to you. You can dial up the Weird Westerness or dial it […]

Resources for Owl Hoot Trail

Handouts Matthew Breen has designed a lovely one-page character sheet for Owl Hoot Trail – download it here. Download the two-page extended character sheet from the rulebook here. Download the three Perdition map handouts from the rulebook here. Adventures The Box is a one-shot adventure by Clinton Dreisbach – read it here. Articles and Resources Kevin […]

Owl Hoot Trail

“You wanna shoot me, Marshal? You ain’t fast enough, and my posse has a pyromaniac gadgeteer who’s already aiming at ya. You ain’t got the grit. You want me, I’ll be traveling the owl-hoot trail.” – Calabash Twigg, orcish outlaw, part-time bounty hunter and a very bad man To ride the owl-hoot trail: to take […]

Introducing Owl Hoot Trail

by Kevin Kulp   My first mistake was in thinking Owl Hoot Trail was D&D with guns. I was just starting to develop and polish Clinton R. Nixon’s remarkable, streamlined game of old western fantasy, and I thought I was on well-trodden and familiar ground. I set up a sample encounter, one which I expected […]

June Playtesting Opportunities

June brings new playtesting opportunities. Owl Hoot Trail by Clinton R. Nixon and Kevin Kulp, and Sisters of Sorrow, a new Trail of Cthulhu adventure from Adam Gauntlett. Each playtest has its own email link. Please click the link to send the email. You can playtest mulitple games, as long as you can make the […]

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