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Collect Orders At GenCon, Play At GenCon

This post covers all things GenCon 2013. Collect your books at GenCon First I say to you Collect At GenCon! Preorder your books from the Pelgrane Store, paste COLLECT@GENCON into the voucher field at the bottom of the store page. Use your usual address. You won’t get charged shipping. If you order 4 or more […]

13th Age GMs Urgently Needed at Gen Con!

MAYDAY: Two of our Gen Con volunteer GMs had to cancel their con plans. That’s 14 hours of 13th Age gaming that won’t happen, unless heroic GMs step up to take over their slots. If you can help, please email cat@pelgranepress.com! In return for your help we can offer swag, and a chance to hobnob […]

GenCon Wrap-Up

This GenCon was definitely the best I’ve attended in very many respects. First, the con itself was packed, and the atmosphere was very upbeat. I was concerned that the absence of many creator-owned publishers might have affected this, but the residue of their presence (Games on Demand, for example) meant that their good work continues. […]

Investigative RPGs and the GUMSHOE System – GenCon Seminar

This year at GenCon, Pelgrane Press will be hosting a seminar on Investigative Gaming and the GUMSHOE system (SEM1118992). A panel discussion with Kenneth Hite, Robin D Laws and Simon Rogers on the GUMSHOE gaming system, specifically unravelling the mysteries around investigative gaming, tackling the issues of railroading and demystifying the clue-driven RPG. Start Date […]

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