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How to Play GUMSHOE: a handy cheat sheet for new players

by Kevin Kulp (From the introduction to TimeWatch, his investigative time-travel game)     General Abilities are how you get stuff done. Sneaking, fighting, running… all these are done with General Abilities. If you have a General Ability rating of 8 or higher, you’re incredibly talented at that activity (and may get access to cool bonus […]

The Baddies Aren’t Taking a Break: Esoterrorist GM Advice for 13th Age

by Wade Rockett   As you probably know, Robin Laws is hard at work on the second edition of  The Esoterrorists, his legendary horror game that introduced the GUMSHOE investigative system. I hadn’t planned on running it any time in the near future, because I’m focused on my 13th Age campaign; but I very much […]

GUMSHOE GM Troubleshooting

By Robin D Laws Though most players find GUMSHOE simple and straightforward, we’ve heard from a few folks who’ve had trouble assimilating it. Usually this happens when they see that it’s a little different from the roleplaying rules they’re used to, and then assume that it’s even more different than it really is. Here are […]

The Tasty Fruits of Failure

An extract from the forthcoming Botts RPG Miscellany, Adrian Bott’s big book of GM’ing wisdom. By Adrian Bott   Some Games Masters fear failure – not so much their own, but the players’. For a none too confident GM, the thought that the players might experience failure can be daunting. Failure is generally understood to […]

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