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See Page XX: Shy Players and GUMSHOE

A column about roleplaying by Robin D. Laws Having appeared on GM advice panels for lots of years, I’m always on the alert for changes in the types of questions audience members put forward. These can vary quite a bit depending on the convention. An expensive destination show like Gen Con, or one directed to […]

GUMSHOE Doesn’t Care When You Spend Your Points

In GUMSHOE,when your character needs to do something tricky and where randomness adds tension, you roll a d6, add points you spend from an Ability pool, and if you make the Difficulty number, you succeed. The number of points you spend on a test can represent the effort a character is making, but usually they […]

Starting to Dream – Improvised Dreamhounds of Paris

by Steve Dempsey Dreamhounds of Paris is a very rich game. The player characters, the surrealists, each have a detailed history. Paris, both in its mundane and magical incarnations, has locations, stories and conspiracies. And that’s even before you add in the Dreamlands and the rest of the Lovecraftian canon. As someone who runs improvised […]

Spirit of the City – the City as Character

by Jason Fryer “There are eight million stories in the naked city; this has been one of them…” ~ The Naked City (1948)  Be it police procedural, horror, or spy thriller, characters are integral to the GUMSHOE campaign, influencing and expanding the narrative with their personal stories.  However, although ever-present, one vital character remains oft-forgotten […]

The Quick and Bloody Guide to Bluffing Night’s Black Agents at Conventions

The Night’s Black Agents  book is  big, heavy and beautiful, but it can be intimidating to new GMs. The Night’s Black Agents game is a pulse-pounding thrill ride, pursued by vampires. How can we get from the big book to spy action, when the players are new, and you’ve never run NBA at a convention […]

Evil Pelgrane’s Bad GUMSHOE Advice

GUMSHOE is the rules engine used in many of Evil Pelgrane’s products, from The Esoterrorists to Trail of Cthulhu to our newest (evil) release, Timewatch. (GUMSHOE is capitalised because it’s an acronym  – Generic Universal Mechanic Serving Henchmen Of Evil Why else would it be all-caps?). It’s 10 years old this year, so let’s take […]

The Plain People of Gaming: No Screw-Ups

The streets here are a concrete labyrinth. I try to go one block east, towards the ocean, and find myself crossing another bridge over the grey waters of the Miskatonic, and I’m back on the north side of the city, climbing up towards the civic monstrosity that squats atop Sentinel Hill. Transport Police, their faces […]

Designing the 13th Age GM’s Resource Book

Pre-Order the 13th Age Gamemaster Screen and Resource Book, and download the PDF now! “We have targeted the game toward experienced gamemasters and players at all levels of roleplaying experience.” – 13th Age core book 13th Age assumes you already know how to run an F20 roleplaying game—in fact, you’ve probably already done it more than a few times. You’re […]

13th Age Game Master’s Screen and Resource Book

The 13th Age GM’s Screen and Resource Book features incredible new art from 13th Age lead artists Aaron McConnell and Lee Moyer, a 64-page resource book, and a fold out map of the Dragon Empire. The Gamemaster Screen The screen is three-ply and portrait-oriented, with the essential information a GM needs to run the game: […]

Kick ‘Em Out

I’m glad tabletop culture still seems to respect elder wisdom. Otherwise I’d be reluctant to tell you how long I’ve been doing GM Masterclass panels. Over time a few questions change, but some stay the same. One question you don’t get much anymore: the once-standard, “How do we get new blood into the hobby?” This […]

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