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Skulduggery: The Wedding

Wedded bliss is only a few relatives away… The Wedding is the brand new setting for Skulduggery, the roleplaying game of verbal fireworks and sudden reversals! You are guests at the wedding of Emma Blunt and Martin Sharpe, held at the moderately-swanky Elysian Country Club. Emma’s father, Gerald Blunt, owns a processed-cheese empire, Martin’s one […]

Footsteps of Fools 4: Beyond The Mountains of Magnatz

A picaresque series of adventures for the Dying Earth, featuring the evolving exploits of advancing Cugel-level characters. BEYOND THE MOUNTAINS OF MAGNATZ (Footsteps of Fools: Part 4) You may have thought your adventurous rogues were trapped in the barren north until the sun went dark. But no, the former Lords of Cil are on the […]

The Investigator’s Guide to Occult London

Nominated for Best Setting and Gold Award winner for Best Writing in the 2012 ENnie awards This work is a primer for players of Lovecraftian roleplaying games set in the dismal streets of 1930s London.   The Guide is replete with contacts, rumours and clues which will guide you on your quest for forbidden knowledge. […]

Cthulhu Apocalypse: The Dead White World

The first part of the highly anticipated Cthulhu Apocalypse campaign. The Investigators are rendered unconscious by a train crash. When they wake they discover the world has died. White flowers cover the ground and they see, beneath the delicate petals, the faces of the dead. No other human is in sight, everyone is gone. The […]

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