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See P. XX: Six Types of Story Branch

A column on roleplaying by Robin D. Laws We all believe that players should have meaningful choices when running their characters through adventures, whether they’re published, prepared by the GM, or created on the fly. Although we decry gaming stories that can’t go in multiple directions, you often also hear GMs at troubleshooting panels wondering […]

Dreamhounds of Paris Playlist

To accompany my Dreamhounds of Paris game sessions, I created a playlist on Rdio. (Search for “Dreamhounds of Paris” should the link betray us.) If that happens to be your streaming music service of choice, you can use it as is. Otherwise, these notes can help you recreate it elsewhere. The playlist contains: Kiki de […]

Ripped From the Headlines: Glitter Rat

Learning that the implements used in Elvis Presley’s autopsy are up for public auction, the Ordo Veritatis dispatches a team to monitor the sale. Celebrity autopsy equipment has a habit of going missing, often in conjunction with a subsequent rash of inexplicable deaths. A roving Esoterror cell seeks the implements but would rather steal them […]

Skulduggery: Replay Value

This past weekend I was in beautiful Regina, Saskatchewan for a wedding. While the bride entertained hosted a girls night out for female out-of-town guests, I was paired with a conveniently rounded-up game group for a BBQ and an RPG session. As if I planned it that way, Skulduggery serves perfectly for this sort of […]

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