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Grim of Postmortem Studios reviews Gumshoe

Over on LiveJournal, there is a balanced and good review of Gumshoe, by Grim of Postmortem Studios. “There’s two separate things going on in these books. One is the presentation and ‘selling’ of the Gumshoe system, as a solution to a role-playing problem in pursuing investigations. The other is the presentation of Dave Allsop’s wickedly twisted […]

Trail Of Cthulhu reviewed by One Book Shelf (Five stars)

A new five-star review of Trail of Cthulhu by OBS staff reviewer, Megan Robertson. Overall, this is a masterful melding of the Gumshoe system with classic Cthulhu Mythos gaming, an inspired match. There’s so much goodness in this that I’ll be back again and again, not just to play but to mine for ideas whatever I […]

The Dying of St Margaret’s reviewed by Dan Harms

Dan Harms has written a review of DoSM. …this is a chilling scenario epitomizing Lovecraft’s cosmic horror. It not only recommends itself to Trail of Cthulhu purist players, but it’s also an excellent resource for Call of Cthulhu players who want more cosmic horror in their games. Also, Graham and I were also rather chuffed […]

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