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Review of Armitage Files

Another offering from Lowell Francis at RPGGeek, his review of Armitage Files is simply entitled ‘wow’ and you can read the whole thing here. The Armitage Files is a unique game book. Pelgrane’s once again demonstrated that they’re willing to go in new and novel directions. At the same time we once again get their […]

Review of The Armitage Files

This is a Spanish review from José Muñoz. Here is a Direct Link and here is a link to Google’s Translator. The Armitage Files is, from my point of view, the best supplement that has brought so far the editorial for The Trail of Cthulhu. Represents a radical shift in the way of set scenarios […]

Review of Arkham Detective Tales

From José Muñoz. Here is the Direct Link in the original Spanish and here’s a link to Google’s Translator. It is loaded with action and always leaves open one or more outputs to the survival of the researchers, with little emphasis on certain events that might undermine their mental health, which makes a charge Arkham […]

Review of Castle Bravo

Here is the second review from José Muñoz. Also in Spanish, here is the Direct Link and here is a link to Google’s Translator. Moreover, we are again on a situation that presents a scenario that moves away from what is considered Purist -the twenties and the three or four cities visited and revisited by […]

Reviews of Shadows Over Filmland, ToC & Mutant City Blues

The lure of GUMSHOE has snared another forum and its members. Over the last few days four very positive reviews have appeared on RPGGeek from reviewer Lowell Francis. Shadows Over Filmland review – As before with Trail of Cthulhu, Huguenin has created a book of sinister beauty… This is a good solid book of adventures. […]

Reviews of Dying Earth and Kaiin Player’s Guide

More reviews from Lowell Francis over at RPGGeek, this time of the Dying Earth RPG and the Kaiin Player’s Guide. Dying Earth RPG review – Physically this is a gorgeous product. Beautifully laid out, with plenty of narrative text, quotations, examples and digressions on the nature of this system. It certainly manages to convey the […]

Review of Shadows over Filmland

It’s in Swedish.  Here is a direct link, and here is Google’s plausible translation. In short, the whole book a real pleasure to read. It combines in a really fun way the spirit of the classic horror films with Lovecraft’s Mythos, and raises the result to something new and exciting. All of the adventures may […]

Trail of Cthulhu Review

Here we have a very thorough and in-depth review of Trail of Cthulhu and the GUMSHOE system from Paco G Jaen of G*M*S Magazine. Jaen talks very positively of Trail and how it fits in with Lovecraftian themes, as well as how the GUMSHOE system deals with the investigative aspects of the Mythos. “The Gumshoe […]

Reviews of Mutant City Blues

Here we have two 5-Star reviews of Mutant City Blues from RPGNow. “I loved the way that this linked in with the esoterrorist system. The quade diagram and the ability to create great drama with the system WITHOUT depending on the players getting the clues…..just asking the right questions. When I set it in Detroit […]

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