RPG Countdown 2011 Top 100

Pelgrane Press has appeared on the RPG Countdown podcast a good few times over the years. Now, Ed Healey presents his top 100 for 2011. Pelgrane appears ten times with Ashen Stars at number 30, and Graham three times.  Jason Morningstar’s Fiasco comes in at a well deserved number 1.

Ed gets his data from 126 stores and some manufacturers, so out of interest I compared this order with our total sales, including PDFs. If were to include January 2012, Ashen Stars would storm into the lead.

Pelgrane Podcast Rank Podcast Rank Actual 2011 Sales Rank
(1) 30. Ashen Stars 3
(2) 35. Bookhounds of London 1
(3) 40. The Dead White World 6
(4) 47. Trail of Cthulhu 2
(5) 64. The Book of the Smoke 4
(6) 71. The Rending Box 11
(7) 90. Dead Rock Seven 7
(8) 91. The Big Hoodoo 12
(9) 95. Invasive Procedures 14
(10) 98. The Dance in the Blood 15
NA Out of Time 5
NA Rough Magicks 10
NA Arkham Detective 8
NA Armitage Files 9

Don’t forget Ed’s competition – if you buy any book on the list you can post (snail mail) the receipt to him and you’ll go into a draw to win $2011. This includes sales from your FLGS or direct from the manufacturer. I suspect the odds of winning are pretty good. (For a Pelgrane order, just print out your order page and send it in).


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