May 2013: View from the Pelgrane’s Nest

pelgThis month, Ken presents the second issue of his subscription, which features martial arts in GUMSHOE games. We release the Dying Earth Revivification Folio as a PDF from the store, and finally we get round to reprinting all the missing Dying Earth supplements.

13th Age

The 13th Age core book should be ready for uploading to the printer within a week. Chris Huth has done a sterling recreation work, and improved on the original. It takes eight weeks to print.

Rob and the team have been working on the 13 True Ways book, which is entirely a beast of its roots – Kickstarter – so, we it’s interwoven with community suggestions for creatures, art inspired by such ideas and character classes everyone was desparate to see. When the core book is at the printers, this book will really take off.

Most of the monster stats for the Bestiary are written, as it much of the text, and if you are a pre-ordered or Kickstarter backer, go to your order page and download the rough playtest version if you’d like to try them. Rich Longmore has began the work of illustrations. In this case, Ken said the dire bat would be improved by the addition of a goblin, or as Cat said, if you want it then you should have put a goblin on it.

If you want it then you should have put a goblin on it


All Things Vance

The Dying Earth Revivification Folio, a new approach to Vance’s Dying Earth is available in PDF format. Its quick, card based approach is an easy sell for your players. We are also reprinting The Compendium of Universal Knowledge, The Excellent Prismatic Spray 4/5 and 6, Rhialto’s Book of Marvels, Fields of Silver, Demons of the Dying Earth and Turjan’s Tome. We’ll have these some time in June. We are considering a limited hardback printing of the Compendium – let me know if this is of interest in the comments.

The Gaean Reach is on hold, because of the layout backlog. Next month, I hope.

Ken Writes About Stuff

MissBartitsuKen Writes About Stuff. No, I’m not stating the obvious,  nor do have a a sudden prediliction for sentence case. I refer to Ken’s new subscription offering which has taken off like a Mi-Go, with more than 100 subscribers so far. Last month The Deep Ones affixed us with their lamp-like gaze, and this month, the Pelgrane is bruised and battered from a plethora of martial arts techniques in GUMSHOE Zooms: Martial Arts. It will get better and better every month, with new subscribers getting all the KWAS #1 issues to date. You can buy each issue separately at a premium if you prefer.

Trail of Cthulhu

  • The core rulebook has just been reprinted and is in stock
  • The Keeper’s Screen and Resource Book will be back with us mid-June
  • Eternal Lies: James Semple is putting together the Wil Wheaton-voiced album for Eternal Lies, and Will Hindmarch is finishing the art direction and layout. It will be a mammoth monochrome hardback nearly 400 pages long, on pre-order next month.
  • The Final Revelation: Graham Walmsley’s Purist adventures, featuring with Scott Dorward’s framing adventure are in layout
  • The Cthulhu Apocalypse: Slaves of the Green Man is being expanded. It will feature an choice between a finale, and an open ending. The final ms will be with us in the next week, and we’ll have destroyed cities to post for next Page XX for the Black Book backers.
  • Mythos Expeditions: Ken teases you with the contents of this for column,
  • Storms of Steel: Adam Gauntlett’s Great War supplement is nearing the final pre-playtest phase.
  • The Book of the New Jerusalem (Paula Dempsey’s follow up to Occult Guide) is nearing its first draft

 Ashen Stars

  • Ashen Stars has just been reprinted in all its full-colour glory and will be back on sale by 15th May.
  • The Justice Trade collection will be on pre-order next month.
  • Next up is a the Ashen Stars expansion book, provisionally called Accretion Disk

verminEsoterrorists 2nd Edition

Esoterrorists 2nd Edition is nearing completition. We are expecting the final art in the next few days, followed by layout. It’s the latest iteration of GUMSHOE, with all the advice, tips and techniques you’d expect after years of actual play. Get it now, and see the plain PDF.

 Night’s Black Agents

Everything Else

  • Owl Hoot Trail is waiting on a few final pieces of art.
  • The final Hillfolk manuscript is ready for layout.
  • Kevin Kulp is working on a time travel version of GUMSHOE called Time Watch.
  • And my own Fantasy GUMSHOE is undergoing mental revision after contact with 13th Age.
  • Stone Skin Press offers Shotguns vs Cthulhu, the New Hero books and the Lion and the Aardvark as ebooks and in print editions.


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