April 2017: View from the Pelgrane’s Nest

This month sees the release of the pre-order of #Feminism, available in both pre-order print and PDF format. We’re also releasing the signed limited edition of Cthulhu Apocalypse, and eagle-eyed observers will spot a new section in our webstore, where we’ve added all our limited editions, which will be available while stocks last in each shipping location. Cthulhu Confidential is printed, and was shipped to all UK & RoW pre-orderers on April 26th, and shipped to all US & Canadian customers on May 1st- check the FAQ page to see when it will arrive with you.

I’ve been working on 13th Age development, finalising TimeWatch printing ready to fulfil the final elements of the kickstarter, and the 13th Age Bestiary 2: Lions and Tigers and Owlbears. I’ve also had the pleasure of playtesting Gareth’s Night’s Black Agents One-2-One game.


Pelgrane Press is honoured to be publishing #Feminism – A Nanogame Anthology, a collection of bite-sized games, which range from the silly to serious, but what they all have in common is that they require minimal preparation and play in less than an hour. Originally crowdfunded, we are putting this beautifully designed and thought-provoking book out through hobby stores and mainstream books shops.

13th Age

Rob Heinsoo has delivered the Bestiary 2 manuscript and art. We are doing a copy editing pass, then it’s ready to go.  I’ve been using the creatures in my home game to great effect, and you can see a sample – an icon from a past age – just here.

Fire and Faith: Battle Scenes for Four Icons is being illustrated and cartographed (that is a thing), Rob has moved on to the Demonologist class from the The Book of Demons, and Gareth is working on converting a section of Eyes of the Stone Thief to 5th Edition, just to give 5e players a taste of it.

Night’s Black Agents GUMSHOE One-2-One

I playtested Gareth’s Night’s Black Agents One-2-One game over Google Hangouts this week. When you are washed ashore with clawmarks and the last thing you can remember is emptying your clip into a vampire’s head while the tide rises in a sea cave, well, count yourself lucky you don’t remember.

Some issues arose – for example – Night’s Black Agents is pretty fighty, and the agent needs to either win, be wounded but alive or be captured, and there are way, way more options when approaching someone from whom you want information, so it’s harder to structure. For a very first game, it went much better than I expected.

The Yellow King RPG Kickstarter

Artists are lined up, design is underway and we are designing a new Yellow Sign symbol based on Chamber’s vague description.


This month I’ve been playing a new weird fantasy game written by Steve Dempsey – Da’Zoon. It features a lite version of GUMSHOE, and distributes some elements of world creation to the players. So, you can spend investigative points to make stuff up as well of discover stuff. It’s fast, fun and slimline.

There is another big GUMSHOE project in the pipeline, which we’ll announce soon.



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