Cthulhu Confidential Competition Results

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Cthulhu Confidential Competition.  We asked:

So, tell us who you’d One-2-One with and why in under 100 words (or 140 characters on Twitter), and our judges will choose winners to receive a signed, numbered, leatherbound, limited edition copy of Cthulhu Confidential.

Our winners are: Yohann Delalande, Tim Isakson and Darren Miguez. Congratulations! Please contact us at support@pelgranepress.zendesk.com with your shipping address.

Chris Spivey, creator of Langston Wright, selected Yohann Delalande’s entry.

“I would love to play with Takeshi Kovacs from the Altered Carbon novels. The whole resleeving dimension of this setting would sure help create and give some interesting Edges and Drawbacks, but more importantly, the line between friends and foes would be really blurred because of the regular changes of bodies and the digitized memories. Besides, that could give way to some interesting emotionally charged scenes where all the signals could be misleading.

Ruth Tillman, creator of ace reporter Vivian Sinclair said “I was most intrigued by Tim Isakson’s suggestion of Miles Naismith Vorkosigan. He’s a fantastic character in a really fun space opera universe and because he’s got a disability, he has to do a lot of different kinds of thinking and investigation. I could immediately see playing with him or playing as him!”

Robin D Laws, who wrote Cthuhlu Confidential and hardboiled detective Dex Raymond, selected Darren Miguez’s entry – Le Compte de St. Germain

Le Compte de St. Germain – an immortal investigator in a set of 3+ connected smaller mysteries that span centuries would be cool. Enigmatic St. Germain has his own secrets to deal with, reflected as Edge/Problem cards, plus alchemical/theosophical/weird science skills chosen when you “build your St. Germain”. I’d enjoy starting off investigating a Mythos case in the court of Louis XV, then moving ahead to a new case in the tail end of the French Revolution, concluding in WWI or II. What might bind these cases together into one larger adventure, impacted by prior choices of St. Germain?

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