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See Page XX: The Creeps and How to Get Them

This post originally appeared on DyingEarth.com between 2004 and 2007. A column on roleplaying by Robin D. Laws Almost all popular RPGs are adventure games – escapist, wish-fulfilling power fantasies. We play heroes evincing varying degrees of ass-kickitude, overcoming villains and other obstacles, saving the day and otherwise demonstrating their reverberant mastery. The fantasy genre […]

See Page XX: Mixing and Matching with GUMSHOE

The following article originally appeared on an earlier iteration of See Page XX in October 2007.  A column on roleplaying by Robin D. Laws Mixing and Matching With GUMSHOE In addition to its primary goal of rethinking the way we run investigative scenarios, GUMSHOE is also an ongoing experiment in rules modularity. Along with whatever […]

Unremitting Horror: Jormungandr

The following article of Unremitting Horror originally appeared on DyingEarth.com in December 2004. Jormungandr – lost genius or just crap? Jason Ardill tells all.. Blair Witch Project of shock rock video is Anus Dei by the mercifully obscure Scandinavian black metal band JORMUNGANDR. The song is the usual shrill torrent of incomprehensible gibberish with a lot of […]

Getting Started with Horror Roleplaying

Are you a new GM looking to dip your toes into the horror genre? Are you hoping to nudge someone into running a scary game for you? As part of their Adventure Goddess program, which encourages women to take the GM’s chair, Carolyn Noe of Superheroines Etc organized this virtual panel featuring Kenneth Hite, Robin […]

Terrors Nextdoor

Next time you need an ordinary fear to escalate into horror territory, check out the Twitter account @bestofnextdoor. It highlights the oddest and funniest posts from the Next Door social media platform. Frequented mostly by older homeowners, it provides a forum for people to talk to their neighbors. Often this talk concerns yet other neighbors […]

See P. XX: Family Horror in Fear Itself

A column about roleplaying by Robin D. Laws When the original Fear Itself came out in 2007, horror was in the depths of its torture phase, typified by the Saw and Hostel franchises. Always the most reliable indicator of the zeitgeist, horror cinema reflected America’s anxieties about its place in the world under the shadow […]

See P. XX: Sympathetic Monsters in Investigative Horror

A column about roleplaying by Robin D. Laws Pity the poor monsters. With Halloween over, they’re nursing hangovers and anticipating fallow months of scant employment over the holiday season. Here at Pelgrane we love our monsters twelve months a year. But what happens when you love a monster too much to want your GUMSHOE characters […]

See P. XX: Your Guide to GUMSHOE Horror

A column about roleplaying by Robin D. Laws Since investigative roleplaying first burst from its sunken atoll and called itself Call of Cthulhu, mystery solving and horror have always been linked in the gamer mind. As a result, when Simon first asked me to design a system for investigative play, it made sense to debut […]

7 Carnival Rumors

Carnivals have always exuded a faint fetor of menace. Itinerant strangers come to town, some of them dressed as clowns, and try to trick you or exploit the basest depths of your curiosity. They exist to break down boundaries, give you permission to indulge, and then move on, leaving you, the seemingly innocent townsfolk, to […]

Bringing Back the Psi-Horror

Mario Bava’s final film, 1977’s Shock, offers up exactly the dreamlike take on the psi-horror cycle of the period you’d hope for from him. Ultimately it goes in a more supernatural direction than more pseudoscience-oriented titles like Carrie, The Fury, Firestarter, or Scanners. That’s just one of the ways in which it prefigures Kubrick’s The […]

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