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Eternal Lies interactive campaign map

Rickard Gudbrand was so inspired by the image on page 123 in the Eternal Lies book (left) that he decided to do a similar thing himself, to be able to give his players during the game.  Then he realised that he’d have to update the map as the investigators travelled to different locations, and possibly […]

Eternal Lies Call of Cthulhu conversion

Andrew Nicholson has been very hard at work converting Eternal Lies for Call of Cthulhu. He’s painstakingly gone through each act and explained how to tackle the core clues contained therein, and also how to make sure your players get nicely SAN-reduced as they uncover the mysteries of the campaign. You can download a zip […]

Eternal Lies NPC picture handouts

 Rickard Gudbrand has designed another handout for his upcoming Eternal Lies campaign which he’s happy to share with everyone. This is cards for the main NPC’s of the campaign, intended to be printed, cut out and placed in suitable plastic card sleeves. As not all of the NPCs in the book have pictures, he’s used […]

Call me Bargle.

Call me Bargle. Eyes of the Stone Thief started out under the working title of Moby Dungeon, which rather gives the game away. It’s inspired by Moby Dick, with the whale swapped for a dungeon full of traps and monsters. The characters must hunt the living dungeon as it swims through the Underworld. When it […]

Free Downloads for Night’s Black Agents Update

There’s been quite a lot of fantastic new downloadables posted on the Night’s Black Agents Downloads page, too. In case you missed our earlier post about this, Pedro Ziviani’s spent some time planning for his Zalozhniy Quartet campaign, and has put together some great resources for it, including: Flowchart of scenes and events from The […]

New Eternal Lies Resources

There are lots of great resources being created for Eternal Lies at the moment, so here are just some of what people are doing for the game. Be warned – these links will contain game spoilers, so if you haven’t read the campaign or you’re hoping to play it, don’t read these! Andrew Nicholson’s Eternal […]

Trail of Cthulhu Resources page updates

Tony Williams has very kindly designed some great Pulp and Purist character sheets for the Trail of Cthulhu Resources page.  He’s also produced a neat Condensed version of the Trail of Cthulhu rules. Here are the links to the new documents: Pulp character sheet (A4) – Download Pulp character sheet (US letter) – Download Purist […]

Tell Me Lies, Tell me Sweet Little Lies – Part 1

Tell Me Lies, Tell me Sweet Little Lies Converting Pelgrane’s ‘Eternal Lies’ Campaign to Call of Cthulhu By Andrew Nicholson Part One: Fools Rush In It started as a way to persuade a group of gamers to try Trail of Cthulhu instead of their more usual fare. “Hey”, I said, “…it turns out Pelgrane are […]

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