View from the Pelgrane’s Nest – March 2022

Since last I wrote, Russia has invaded Ukraine. We join with the international community in condemning this action, and we support the Ukrainian people’s defiant stand in the face of this oppression. To that end, we’ll be donating 50% of all our sales for the next week to the International Red Cross’s Ukraine fund. And […]

See Page XX: Sketching Out Your Yellow King: Aftermath Series (Part Two)

Our sample outline of an Aftermath series continues with more capsule scenario concepts. Start here if you missed Part One. It Came From the Bronx Park Zoo The team probes the shudder-inducing secrets of this experimental Castaigne regime creature hybridization facility. A sapient ex-subject might support itself by acting as a hired assassin, or seek […]

Variant Uses For Sense Trouble

Sense Trouble’s an unusual General Ability – it’s called for by the Keeper, not the players, and it gives information instead of accomplishing a task (even if the only information it gives is “Agh! Run away!”,  which, to be fair, is highly useful in a Cthulhu game). It’s hard to know how much Sense Trouble […]

Creatures of Unremitting Horror: Steerage

From the upcoming Ocean Game sourcebook… Steerage There are bugs underneath the skin of the world. Scratch, and they come out. Scurrying around in darkness. Fly the light. They start out small. You’d mistake ‘em for silverfish, those little crawly things, like little white termites. But they grow. It’s when they’re as big as fat cockroaches that you […]

Call of Chicago: Meet The Beetle

“As he replied to my mocking allusion to the beetle by echoing my own words, he vanished, — or, rather, I saw him taking a different shape before my eyes. His loose draperies all fell off him, and, as they were in the very act of falling, there issued, or there seemed to issue out […]

GMs Day sale – 50% off PDFs, and 50% to Ukraine

Today, March 4th, is GMs Day, where we celebrate that most important of RPG superstars – the GM. Steadfastly supporting gamers everywhere by researching and sourcing new games, learning the rules, and running them, GMs are the driving force behind everything we do. To show our appreciation, for the next week GMs can get 50% […]

The Ocean Game

Close your eyes. Listen to the sound of your breathing, in and out, like waves breaking on the shore. Listen to the rush of blood in your ears. Did you know that the plasma in your blood is chemically very similar to the composition of the primordial oceans where we evolved. We’re part of the […]

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