The Ghouls of Eversink: Gluttonous Undead for Swords of the Serpentine

By Kevin Kulp The problem with a sinking city is all those sub-basements. Things set up shop down there, turning your great-great-grandmother’s long-forgotten ballroom into their personal lair. You’d never know if you didn’t find the burrowed tunnels… and if your friends didn’t keep disappearing. Eversink, it turns out, occasionally has a ghoul problem. The […]

Paint and Song

by Rob Heinsoo Tonight’s the night for our Teachers of the Court 13th Age campaign. We just turned 4th level and it’s my job to choose monsters-worth-playtesting for tonight’s action. The campaign is named after the cover story the PCs adopted to put off agents of this campaign’s infernal Archmage: “We’re not weird adventurers, we’re Teachers […]

Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff: You Can’t Rule Fish Out

In the latest episode of their lovingly roasted podcast, Ken and Robin talk sovereign citizens of Carcosa, the death of a White Helmet, a vampire museum, and, at the behest of Pelgrane publisher Cat Tobin, time machining vegetarian cuisine.

The Hypnos Connection

One of the more curious subplots in The Borellus Connection involves an Agent attracting the attention of the god Hypnos (p. 035 of the massive tome). We call out several places where Hypnos (or “Samuel Loveman”) might intercede, but if you wish to delve into the perilous regions of slumber, here are some added options: […]

Talking Swords and Magic Birds

All the pregenerated characters in The Paragon Blade – Conn the Unslain, Aletheia, and Puc – have a supporting cast consisting of a human Companion and an Artefact. Conn travels with his old trainer Genkai and the Paragon Blade; Aletheia has her mechanical owl and her servant Aram, and Puc has the Demon Amulet and […]

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