The Trail to Trail

by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan At Gencon 2023, we proudly announced the advent of Trail of Cthulhu 2nd edition. We also, perhaps foolishly, intimated it would be crowdfunding in November. This is, as you have doubtless discerned already, not the case. We’re currently planning a crowdfunding campaign for March of next year. As of this writing, we’ve […]

Iconic Agents of Spireshadow Vale

The upcoming Prophet of the Pyre campaign takes the player characters from 1st to 10th level, from fresh-faced young adventures to epic heroes. The first part of the campaign takes place in a remote valley, isolated from the rest of the Empire. Most of the characters have never left this valley and so do not (yet!) have […]

Playtesting: the fungal Drowned (Non-Human Heroes) in Swords of the Serpentine

By Kevin Kulp This is the sixth in our series on non-human heroes which has so far covered the spider-like Arakene, the Considerata (humans whose souls are contractually linked to gods), Constructs, Intelligent Animals, and Unsleeping Advisors (secret undead). This month’s Ancestry is inspired by the cordyceps fungus, The Last of Us, and terrifying hiveminds. Be sure to read […]

Protocols for Interacting with an Outer Dark Information Console

Handout for The Esoterrorists You have been forwarded this confidential Ordo Veritatis Supplementary Operations Manual Entry because you have either discovered an Outer Dark Information Console (ODIC) or have reason to believe you will encounter one during the course of your current ongoing investigation. As you proceed it is essential to balance two competing but […]

View From the Pelgrane’s Nest – November 2023

First up, a shout-out to our estimable Patreon backers – Andy, Michael H, Samwise, Ranting John, Andreas, Michael B, Scott, Michael M, P. Troilus, Bryant, Michael K, Craig, Emma, Jim, Clark, Bryan, and Peter! We had a Real Talk a few weeks ago, which has helped to firm up in my head how I want […]

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