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Ashen Stars Preview Events at Retailers

Aldo of Impressions Advertising, together with Pelgrane Press other ImpAdv clients are helping proactive retailers garner preorders for forthcoming products, and giving retailer customers get a taster of games which aren’t yet out.  Aldo has started Game Preview Events, and Pelgrane Press is the guinea pig. Aldo has been running FreePRGDay for years now, and […]

Ashen Stars Limited Edition

Limited edition ordering is now open to everyone at the Pelgrane Press store. We are making one hundred copies of this limited leatherette edition of Ashen Stars. Fifty of these are available exclusively to Ashen Stars pre-orderers, and they’ll include ten exclusive Ashen Stars tokens for starship combat. We’ll pick one from the image below. […]

New Releases

Dead Rock Seven, the first set of adventures for Ashen Stars is available for pre-order; PDF now, print version in August shipping with Ashen Stars. If you are a pre-orderer, you should have received an email for us with an offer, and an update to your existing Ashen Stars order. The Out of Time print […]

Ripped Headlines and Ashen Stars

Continuing a basic GUMSHOE motif, Ashen Stars encourages GMs to find inspirations for scenarios in the news of the day. In so doing, it follows in the issue-oriented footsteps of the Star Trek franchise, the Battlestar Galactica reboot, and the general observation that all science fiction is really about the present. For example, you might […]

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