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Gareth Hanrahan And The New Stuff

Gareth Hanrahan will be producing a new supplement material every month for Pelgrane. He’s already submitted Dead Rock Seven, a set of adventures for Ashen Stars based on an outline by Robin Laws, and I’ll announce a playtest soon. Currently, he’s working on three game packs for Skulduggery – The Wedding, Black Smoke (winner of […]

Ashen Stars – The Tavak

Another sneak peak at an Ashen Stars species, bought to life by Jerome. The Tavak At an average seven feet in height and topping the scales at close to half a ton, you are a tavak, the most physically robust of the seven peoples. Descended from armadillo-like creatures of your homeworld, Tav, you are covered […]

Ashen Stars Map – The Bleed

Ralf Schemmann produced this schematic map, a snap shot really, of the translight corridors connecting The Bleed, the “region” of space where the PCs – lasers – undertake their contracts in the Ashen Stars game. From Ashen Stars: Translight corridors are not fixed in space.  They orbit through the universe, just as the rest of […]

Pelgrane Biz Part 2 – Printing Ashen Stars

As I discussed in Pelgrane Biz Part 1, it’s expensive and risky to print books by offset litho, even though the results are gratifying, and the rewards, if the sales are high enough, are excellent. But there is every chance that Trail of Cthulhu is a one-off success, and won’t be repeated. That said, I […]

Ashen Stars Update – The Gun-Nanny

We’ve got 25 playtest groups who have jumped through the first hoop – answering a simply questionnaire. I haven’t had this level of participation since Trail of Cthulhu. Ashen Stars is very different to Trail, with starship combat, high-tech equipment, multiple races, the necessity of earning enough from contracts to stop your equipment falling apart […]

Wanted: Ashen Stars playtesters

Wanted: Playtesters for Ashen Stars (GUMSHOE Space) System: This is a stand-alone game using the GUMSHOE system. Who are the PCs: The PCs freelance law enforcement officers called lasers contracting their services to a central authority weakened by stellar war. They investigate kipdnappings, deliver cargoes, chase fugitives, collect debts, but they must keep careful track […]

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