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Ashen Stars Stellar Nursery Edition Update

Edit: The Stellar Pre-Order window is closed. However, you can pre-order Ashen Stars for delivery in August, and get the PDF and Robin Laws fiction now. Read more about the perks available with the Stellar Nursery edition here. Incidentally, if you’ve ordered the Stellar Nursery edition, you might like to know that anyone who spots […]

Dead Rock Seven Art and Layout

Dead Rock Seven is a set of adventures for Ashen Stars, outlined by Robin Laws and written by Gareth Hanrahan. It was my intention to give Ashen Stars the best possible start, so I decided to release Dead Rock Seven simultaneously with the core book if possible. We brought Pascal Quidault aboard to do the […]

New Art for Ashen Stars

Chris Huth has been working on Ashen Stars art which matches with Jérome’s. First, some shuttles. Our playtesters seemed to have a thing about shuttles, so Robin obliged them by putting in some streamlined shuttle rules and three shuttle configurations, illustrated here. This is a rough. Chris also illustrated the Jaggar…

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