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13th Sage: Borrowing from Glorantha

The soon-to-arrive 13th Age Glorantha (13G) book from Moon Design is more than 6/8ths of the way through layout. I’ll share some monster conversion notes from Glorantha to the Dragon Empire when the layout is complete and the book is available to order on BackerKit. For now, let’s look at a couple of mechanical elements […]

October 2017: View from the Pelgrane’s Nest

The LARP season is upon us. Cat and I are off to Poland to play Fairweather Manor, then it’s Consequences, and On Location. I am relatively new to live action roleplaying, but I’ve really taken to it – I recommend it to anyone who enjoys table top roleplaying.  With our recruitment of an administrative assistant […]

The Plain People of Gaming: Behind Vampire Lines

Cthulhu City, our new Trail of Cthulhu setting about a monstrous, mythos-haunted city adapts the Night’s Black Agents Heat mechanics to model Suspicion. Think of Suspicion as a slow simmer compared to Heat’s flash-fry. Rising Heat means police SWAT teams chasing you through the streets and airports shutting down; rising Suspicion implies police detectives knocking […]

Stocking 13th Age for Retailers

We know that shelf space is at a premium in your store, and that you want quick turnaround. Some retailers are concerned about stocking rolepaying games, but there are upsides to roleplaying games for a retailer. For the amount of space they take they generate good margin, and RPG players tend to be loyal customers […]

5e or 13th Age: Which Is Right For Your Group?

We were as surprised as anyone that our announcement of 13th Age—a new d20-rolling fantasy RPG by the lead designers of 3rd edition and 4th edition—happened right when Wizards of the Coast announced that 5th edition was on the way. Though part of the same tradition, the games had fundamental differences in approach, and provide […]

The Sinful Elect

I’m working on the (somewhat delayed) first draft of Night’s Black Agents One2One, provisionally titled SOLO. These vampires nearly featured as the villains, but for various reasons, they got cut. Here’s the salvaged text, plus their standard NBA stats. The Conspiracy They are the Sinful Elect, damned to immortality through sin. Each of them committed some terrible transgression […]

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