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Idiot Plotting and the Gamer Psyche

By Robin D. Laws The voraciously anticipated Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s reboot of the Alien franchise touched down to howls of disappointment from the fans who wanted it most. So much so that we’re plotting some remedial catharsis, in the form of an Ashen Stars scenario called Tartarus. Without encroaching on the intellectual property preserve of […]

Duking it Out in Ashen Stars

By Robin D. Laws This is the second of two installments covering additional combat options for Ashen Stars. See part one for explanation and disclaimers. While the rules themselves are from the Esoterror Fact Book, the enhancements and gear are new and have not been playtested. Because, seriously, who playtests columns? Critical Hits Fact Book […]

Suppressing Fire in Ashen Stars

By Robin D. Laws In this, the first in a two-part series, I’ll be looking at ways to inject additional combat options into your Ashen Stars games. Next month’s selections adapt existing combat add-ons first found in the Esoterror Fact Book to throwdowns in the Bleed. This column floats a new rule concept in unplaytested […]

Ashen Stars Review on Flames Rising

There is a review of Ashen Stars over on Flames Rising by Todd Cash. It’s a positive review giving 4 out of 5 stars. There are not many sci-fi settings that I like; however, this is a damn good setting. Law populates Ashen Stars with interesting alien races, an excellent back-story, and tons of ideas […]

The Arsenic Eaters

As with other GUMSHOE games like The Esoterrorists and Mutant City Blues, Ashen Stars GMs are encouraged to look to the news for episode inspiration. Like the writers of the various Treks and the nouveau Battlestar, they might use the space opera form to examine issues of the day. Alternately, they can start with pop […]

Golden Geek Award Nominations

We are very pleased to have been nominated for a second time in the Golden Geek Awards. Ashen Stars and Bookhounds of London have been nominated for Best Artwork and Presentation, The Armitage Files and Bookhounds of London for Best Supplement. You can vote here, but you need to be a member with Geek Gold. […]

Stowaway – Ashen Stars Demo

Stowaway is a 20-minute demo for Ashen Stars from ENnie Award presenter and all around nice guy, Kevin Kulp. This demo premiered at GenCon to rave reviews. It’s a great introduction to Ashen Stars and includes six pre-gens, and you can try it at the beginning or end of a session when you have another […]

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