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The Yellow King Roleplaying Game Kickstarter Launches This Wednesday at 8 pm Eastern

The sky has turned white; the stars pulse with inky blackness. This unexpected Carcosan weather pattern has trapped company principals Cat and Simon in the wilds of Ohio. Yet the commands of the pallid mask may not be delayed! The Kickstarter for The Yellow King Roleplaying Game, by Robin D. Laws, launches this Wednesday, June […]

Cthulhu Dark

by Graham Walmsley When people ask where I got my ideas for Cthulhu Dark – that’s my rules-light Lovecraftian roleplaying game, which is currently on Kickstarter – I tell them one of three stories. Story One: It’s our gaming night. Simon Rogers from Pelgrane and I are talking, before our 13th Age game starts. Specifically, […]

Crowdfunding and Retailers – Friend or Foe?

by Paul Butler Paul Alexander Butler is the Director of Retail Operations at Games and Stuff, one of the largest gaming stores on the East coast of the United States. A familiar face at trade shows around North America, in recent years he has spent a great deal of time and energy helping other retailers […]

Telling Stories with 13th Age Icons

Telling Stories with 13th Age Icons Mark Morrison is one-half of Campaign Coins, who have a Kickstarter for official 13th Age Coins & Icon Tokens in May 2016. He has also written scenarios for Call of Cthulhu and Elric! I’ve been helping my friend Andre Bishop run Campaign Coins since 2011, and it’s all Rob […]

13th Sage: Forgotten Monk & Drunken Monk

Greg’s Stolze’s 13th Age novel, The Forgotten Monk, is punching through Kickstarter goals for another 7 days. That’s Pat Loboyko’s wonderful cover art above. The earliest stretch goal summoned stat write-ups for several of the characters and monsters in the novel. My advice will be that the protagonist, a monk who acquires the name Cipher […]

Avoiding the Gimmick

 Avoiding the Gimmick by Kevin Kulp TimeWatch, Pelgrane Press’s recently Kickstarted game of investigative time travel, falls into the same category of games that play quite differently as a one-shot than they do as a continuing campaign. Feng Shui, Trail of Cthulhu, and Night’s Black Agents fall into this category as well, as does Paranoia… […]

TimeWatch Kickstarter Late Pledges And Upgrades

The TimeWatch RPG  is backed – more than backed! Thank you to everyone who pledged, encouraged others to back and upgrade their pledges – everyone has benefitted with a full colour hardback. You can see the list of available pledge levels and add-ons here. Until 1st April, new backers can still pledge at any available […]

Scenes from TimeWatch

Scenes from TimeWatch: An adversary flees across the pristine diamond-bearing beaches of South Africa, ocean on his left and TimeWatch agents far behind. “It’s a shame that I’ll be going back to last week and covering that area with stun mines,” says an agent. roll roll The sound of an explosion echoes across the beach, […]

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