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Hillfolk Kickstarter Goes Live

After much preparation and furrowing of brows on the badlands, the clan council has decreed it: the Kickstarter campaign for Hillfolk has now gone live! Throw in with the Lion clan or the Wolf clan and help bring this labor of love from the manuscript stage to finished product. Backers of the project receive a […]

13th Age Kickstarter Funded and Release Date

The 13th Age Kickstarter finished with over $70K raised. It’s been a wild ride, and now 13 True Ways includes contact we never invisaged originally. Thank you so much for all your support. Rob is supping energy drinks, chained to his desk to get the manuscript polished up; chapters are in layout, and all the […]

The 13th Age Kickstarter and 13 True Ways

13 True Ways is a 180 page hardback book from the original 13th Age team – Rob Heinsoo, Jonathan Tweet, Aaron McConnell and Lee Moyer. The Fire Opal and Pelgrane Press Kickstarter for 13 True Ways has hit its mark with over a week to go –  so it’s going to happen. 13 True Ways […]

Help Kickstart Stone Skin Press!

Today saw the much anticipated launch of the Stone Skin Press Kickstarter. Stone Skin Press is our fledgling fiction imprint. We have four anthologies of amazing fiction lined up already and the Kickstarter will help fund these and allow us to commission more. Already we’ve had takers for the $75 and $150 reward levels and […]

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