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Night’s Black Agents – The [REDACTED] Edition

The REDACTED Edition is no longer available but the standard Edition, which does not include the extras below, is now available to buy in the store. The Ashen Stars Stellar Nursery edition was a great success – enabling us to do a full colour offset print run, and ensuring we could make the final book […]

Night’s Black Agents Dragonmeet Special Edition

At Dragonmeet last year, we released a simple print version of Bookhounds which sold out almost instantly. This year we’re continuing the tradition with Night’s Black Agents, Kenneth Hite’s superb new vampire spy thriller. This will be a simple, spartan design with a full colour cover and will be limited to 50 copies. Dragonmeet this […]

Excerpt From Night’s Black Agents – Build Your Own Vampire

[Editor’s Note: Like the creatures in the Dying Earth, and those in Trail, each Night’s Black Agents campaign has a different vampire. This excerpt introduces you to vampire design.] Vampires Now, it’s the opposition’s turn. This chapter presents a series of questions to answer and decisions to make for the Director. Why do vampires exist? […]

Night’s Black Agents

Night’s Black Agents won two silver ENnie awards for Best Game and Best Writing, and was nominated for Best Rules, Best Interior Art and Product of the Year. Find out why! Night’s Black Agents puts you in the role of a deadly secret agent, taking down the forces of darkness. Bring your favorite high-octane spy thrillers […]

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