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Protocols for Interacting with an Outer Dark Information Console

Handout for The Esoterrorists You have been forwarded this confidential Ordo Veritatis Supplementary Operations Manual Entry because you have either discovered an Outer Dark Information Console (ODIC) or have reason to believe you will encounter one during the course of your current ongoing investigation. As you proceed it is essential to balance two competing but […]

Outer Dark Entity: The Dweller

Dwellers break through the membrane separating us from the Outer Dark as solitary predators. They live in lakes and ponds in underpopulated areas. Dwellers find their most fruitful hunting grounds in or near parks and camp sites. They often select spots connected to a murder, tragic accident, or other dark urban legend. When such legends […]

Outer Dark Entity Profiles: The Sulp

The skulking Outer Dark Entity known as the sulp crosses the membrane into places where humans keep the possessions they do not need but cannot quite bear to get rid of. Sulps can appear in warehouses, attics, derelict buildings or the squalid homes of hoarders. They most often manifest in self-storage facilities. The name sulp […]

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