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See Page XX – September 2008

The following articles originally appeared on an earlier iteration of See Page XX in September 2008. Robin D Laws discusses the nature of believability in RPGs, and we present not one, but three interviews from Luke Crane. This month also sees the launch of a flurry of new products, including a Keeper’s Screen, and James […]

See Page XX Interview Series, Numbers 3-5

The following three interviews originally appeared in an earlier iteration of See Page XX in September 2008. Three interviews in one issue – how fantastically cool is that? (As an aside, Luke told me that he wouldn’t send me the next batch if I didn’t release these ones soon. So expect a few more shortly). […]

View from the Pelgrane’s Nest: Game Designers’ Favorite Games – May 2006

The following article originally appeared on DyingEarth.com in May 2006. Game Designers’ Favorite Games Every games designer has an inner games geek (sometimes not so inner) who spent hours playing the RPGs you know and love. We’ve all played D&D, GURPs and other big names, but what about the slightly obscure? Perhaps they are games […]

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