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Flames Rising Week

I’d like to thank Matt over at Flames Rising for organising Pelgrane week, and all the contributors. Here is a summary of the content for the week. The new reviews they posted during the week: Black Drop Castle Bravo Cthulhu Apocalypse: Dead White World The design essays: The Origins of the Occult Guide by Paula […]

Review of Trail of Cthulhu

A well written and engaging review of Trail of Cthulhu by Emily Dresner. …the section on the Cthulhu Elder Gods/Outer Gods is superb and packed with so many incredibly insane ideas for running plots it is hard to talk about it without waving hands around incoherently. One small sentence about Elder Gods as meme loads […]

Trail of Cthulhu Review

Matthew Pook has reviewed Trail of Cthulhu in Unspeakable Oath with very positive results. You can read the full review here. If ever there was a game writer spawned to author a Lovecraftian RPG, it is surely Kenneth Hite. Trail of Cthulhu is a harsher, grainier approach to Lovecraftian investigative horror. Fully supported by elegant […]

The Big Hoodoo Review-doo

A glowing review of The Big Hoodoo over at rpg.net; 10 out of 10. The adventure effortless transports investigators from scene to scene without the need to railroad the players. The clues themselves lead the players to frightful conclusions steadily ramping up the suspense level until the final climax. Plus deserved praise for Jerome: For […]

Review of Bookhounds of London on RPG Geek

Here is a detailed review of Bookhounds by Lowell Francis over at RPG Geek. One point the reviewer raised was of particular interest – he mentioned that he was expecting more Armitage Files like handouts, and guessed, correctly that the Occult Guide will fulfil this role. If you want to run a player driven occult […]

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