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The Armitage Files Review

Paco Garcia Jaen at G*M*S Magazine has posted an excellent review of The Armitage Files. This is a masterpiece. Not because the adventure is astonishingly good and attractive, but because the thinking behind the book, the perfect sandbox layout and the second to none writing is as good as it gets. This is Robin D. […]

Review of The Rending Box

Pookie has posted a review of Graham Walmsley’s, The Rending Box, on Reviews from R’lyeh. What The Rending Box does is provide an explanation that caps the series while still providing another bleak story. What sets it apart from the previous three though is that it actually comes with a climatic ending. Well, a potential […]

Book of Unremitting Horror Review

Michael Wolf reviews The Book of Unremitting Horror here on Stargazer’s World: In my option The Book of Unremitting Horror is a must-have for any GM interested in running horror campaigns, regardless if he/she is using a GUMSHOE game or not.

Armitage Files Review

John Stavropoulos declared Armitage Files his Best RPG Purchase of 2010. Read more here. Why do I love it? Most modules don’t fit my style of GMing. I’m a very improvisational GM who likes to build scenarios around my players (rather than run railroady static scenarios where the players feel disconnected and “dropped in”). The […]

Bookhounds of London Review

Dan Harms over at On the Shelf Reviews has given Bookhounds a thorough examining with positive results. You can read the full review here. To the usual Trail mix of Pulp vanilla and Purist chocolate, we now get rainbow sherbert Arabesque, rocky road sordid, and disgustingly neon Technicolor. We can only hope that Pelgrane provides […]

Review of Not So Quiet

An On the Shelf Review of the new WW1 Trail of Cthulhu adventure, Not So Quiet by Adam Gauntlett. The scenario itself has an impressive cast, a cult with well-thought-out motivations, a logical choice of Mythos antagonist, and enough non-Mythos activity to keep players guessing… Not So Quiet is another solid addition to the Trail […]

Trail of Cthulhu Review on rpg.net

An actual play review of Trail of Cthulhu on rpg.net – 8/10. The Gumshoe system is an investigation-oriented one, and this orientation is well suited to many Mythos scenarios. We enjoyed playing our characters and didn’t have too much trouble picking up the system. I’d recommend it. It might not work for some scenario types […]

Review of Arkham Detective Tales Extended Edition

Pookie over at Reviews from R’lyeh has re-reviewed the extended edition of Arkham Detective Tales which is due for release in November. You can read the full review here. Ultimately, what “The King’s Men” does is nicely round out the quartet in Arkham Detective Tales and make it a quintet. In doing so, it draws […]

Review of Rough Magicks

Lowell Francis over at RPGGeek has been busy reviewing even more GUMSHOE products. This time, Rough Magicks has been under his scrutiny, with great results. You can read the full review here. Rough Magicks isn’t just a book of spells, nor is it just a variant magic system for Trail of Cthulhu. It provides both […]

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