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View from the Pelgrane’s Nest – February 2020

Long-term readers will understand how I am equal parts excited and relieved to be able to FINALLY say this… ***NEW*** The Yellow King RPG!! If you missed out on the multi-phased and many-pronged cursing of the Nest that was The Yellow King RPG printing and fulfillment, you can now corrupt your own existence with the […]

View from the Pelgrane’s Nest – January 2020

Happy new year, all, and I do hope you’re enjoying your dystopian cyberpunk future! I know I am. 😐 BUT, here in the Pelgrane’s Nest, things are looking up. As of today, we have joined another future – a more positive, and community-based future – with the launch of the GUMSHOE Community program on DriveThruRPG. […]

View From the Pelgrane’s Nest – November 2019

At this time of year, my immune system shuts down in protest at winter as a concept, so I’m recovering from a nasty headcold, and pretty much living in my favourite GUMSHOE hoodie at the moment. The illness may be due to travel; I’m just back from my first Big Bad Con in California, followed […]

View From the Pelgrane’s Nest – October 2019

I’m just back from the wilds of London’s Alexandra Palace, where Becky and I, ably assisted by knowledgeable Pelgrane playtester CJ Romer, ran the Pelgrane booth at the second ever Tabletop Gaming Live. The venue itself is lovely, and the staff were really friendly and helpful. It was mostly boardgames-focused, with very few RPG companies […]

View From the Pelgrane’s Nest – July 2019

The Nest is aflurry this month with today’s news of the 2019 ENnie Award nominations. It is always an honour to be nominated by the hard-working judging team, and this year in particular we’re sharing the nomination field with an impressive breadth of games and industry colleagues. We’ve been nominated in four categories: Best Adventure: The Persephone […]

View From the Pelgrane’s Nest – June 2019

NEW! Cthulhu City limited edition I spent a lot of time with Cthulhu City, and it’s still one of my favourite Trail of Cthulhu settings. Packed full of easter eggs for Lovecraft fans, with a depth of focus on the Lovecraft Country settings, Cthulhu City is a clever inversion of the usual mythos setting. Instead of […]

View From the Pelgrane’s Nest – May 2019

NEW! The Persephone Extraction PDF Some of the books we publish sail through the process without ever touching the side, and some…are not like that. The Persephone Extraction was the first book we released for Night’s Black Agents after The Dracula Dossier collection, and I suspect that the foul Count still hadn’t forgiven us for setting so […]

View From the Pelgrane’s Nest – April 2019

NEW! Shards of the Broken Sky I’m really delighted to reveal this month’s newest release – the sandbox adventure Shards of the Broken Sky, for the 13th Age Roleplaying Game. We originally commissioned this back in 2013, and since then, we’ve been hack and slashing the double-sized behemoth that was ASH LAW’s original manuscript. Rob Heinsoo’s […]

View From the Pelgrane’s Nest – March 2019

NEW! Mutant City Blues 2nd Edition This month sees the release of the second edition of what I tend to think of as one of our hidden gems, which doesn’t feature in the spotlight glare of our social media, or release schedule, nearly half enough, but which I know has a really passionate following. If you’re […]

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