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Call of Chicago: Paperback Writer

“Colonel Buchan’s novel Greenmantle has more than a flavor of truth …” — T.E. Lawrence, to Robert Graves In Britain, the first rank of spy novelists has long included writers from the ranks of actual intelligence agencies: John Buchan (British Army Intelligence Corps), Somerset Maugham (MI6), Graham Greene (MI6), Dennis Wheatley (London Controlling Section of […]

See Page XX: Fear of Structure II: Exploratory Surgery

This post originally appeared on DyingEarth.com between 2004 and 2007. A column on roleplaying by Robin D. Laws Click here for part I of the “Fear of Structure” Last time we looked at the paradox inherent in running investigative scenarios, whether in GUMSHOE games like The Esoterrorists, or with other systems: structure is essential to […]

A Cold Day in Hell: A Look at eBooks in the RPG Industry

The following article originally appeared on DyingEarth.com in June 2006. Alan Williams and James Mathe look at eBooks in the RPG Industry A few of you may be old enough to remember the End of Published Music. Suddenly, technology was available that would allow the home audio enthusiast to record music from many different sources […]

Find Your Writing Bugaboos with the Magic of Highlighting

Revising your writing requires acute concentration. The first draft may be an act of pure creation, but when you start to patch it up, any tool that can assist your weary brain warrants consideration, no matter how mechanical it may seem. Almost every writer’s first draft includes stylistic bugaboos that need to be hunted down […]

So You’re In the Weeds

Six Tips for Achieving Power Over the Revision Process I was recently asked how to handle the sense of frustration that comes when a writer feels stalled out during a revision process. My answers were all pretty general, so in the interest of sharing, and of turning my development work for Pelgrane into a web […]

See P. XX: 5 Tips to Sharpen Your RPG Prose

See P. XX a column about roleplaying by Robin D. Laws   As the field of roleplaying expands its audience, and new platforms appear to provide an ever wider array of ways to get material into the hands of gamers, more folks than ever have jumped in to try their hand at writing. Whether you’re […]

Five Keys to Punchier Prose

By Robin D. Laws Although I’m not a line developer or editor for the GUMSHOE line, the Head Pelgrane occasionally asks me to comment on manuscripts in progress. Over time I’ve been able to see certain issues crop up in the work of multiple authors. This process has improved not only those books, but my […]

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