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Using Slack to Electronically Serve Yellow King Cards

During the Kickstarter for The Yellow King Roleplaying Game, I laid out one method of serving Shock and Injury cards to players electronically, as image files sent to a mobile-enabled platform. At that time, I recommended using Google Photos for this purpose. Belatedly I realize that there was a better way to do it, using […]

See P. XX: What Happened in The Wars

A column about roleplaying by Robin D. Laws This is the second in a series of four columns demonstrating what a full arc of The Yellow King Roleplaying Game might look like, with events from my own game as an example. In The Wars, the players leave behind the roles of Belle Epoque art students, […]

See P. XX: What Happened in Paris

  …didn’t stay in Paris A column about roleplaying by Robin D. Laws One of the key distinguishing features of The Yellow King Roleplaying Game is its quadruple arc structure. When played in its fullest campaign mode, your YKRPG series spans four timelines/realities, with connections between the four sets of PCs reverberating from the past […]

The Poisonous Inspiration of Edme Castaing

We can say relatively little for certain about the life of Robert W. Chambers, but it is clear from his work that knew France and its history. For this reason it is tempting to believe that the name Hildred Castaigne, unreliable narrator and protagonist of the classic Yellow King story “The Repairer of Reputations,” took […]

See P. XX: Adding Pushes to Your GUMSHOE Game

A column about roleplaying by Robin D. Laws The Yellow King Roleplaying Game takes a couple of design innovations that first appeared in Cthulhu Confidential and imports them back into multi-player GUMSHOE. Most notably, its QuickShock sub-system uses cards to represent the specific ongoing consequences of mental and physical harm. Importing them into previous GUMSHOE […]

Yellow King Art Reveal

As the project increasingly leaves my hands and heads to Pelgrane HQ and post-production, it’s time to show off a smidgen of the reality-shattering art you’ll see in The Yellow King Roleplaying Game. Brittany’s legendary city of Ys rises from the waves, by Shel Kahn, from Paris A postcard of malign implication, collage by Dean […]

See P. XX: QuickShock 101

A column about roleplaying by Robin D. Laws The Yellow King Roleplaying Game rules debut a new iteration of GUMSHOE, which we’re calling QuickShock GUMSHOE. The name combines two of the features of the new rules set: combats take way takes less time than in standard GUMSHOE mental setbacks a character may suffer in the […]

My Latest Experience with Experience

A steady improvement curve for heroes makes sense in certain roleplaying genres. Fighting foes, getting stuff from them, and becoming increasingly powerful is not incidental to F20—it’s the core activity. The journey of a D&D character from first to twentieth level mirrors that of Conan as he progresses from scruffy barbarian to implacable king. Improvement […]

Instant Pareidolia’s Gonna Getcha

The Internet has certainly jacked up standards for what a GM is supposed to improvise these days. My home group’s Yellow King Roleplaying Game series has now progressed to the final sequence, the contemporary reality horror of This is Normal Now. Accordingly, a recent session found several characters wearing Urchins, Fitbit-like devices that can’t be […]

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