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Ripped From the Headlines: Prayer Bombs

As an Ordo Veritatis team dedicated to uprooting the occult menace of the Esoterrorists, the PCs are dispatched to investigate a series of strange mailings. Prominent intellectuals suffering from life-threatening illnesses receive packages from an untraceable group called the Hope Bombers. They promise to pray for the health of the recipients, who tend to be […]

Ashen Stars Update – The Gun-Nanny

We’ve got 25 playtest groups who have jumped through the first hoop – answering a simply questionnaire. I haven’t had this level of participation since Trail of Cthulhu. Ashen Stars is very different to Trail, with starship combat, high-tech equipment, multiple races, the necessity of earning enough from contracts to stop your equipment falling apart […]

Eternal Lies Suite … meet the composers

Following on with the music blog, I’m going to let Mike Torr introduce himself… I’m a composer with a broad spectrum of experience and influences.  A long history as a keyboard performer (and one-time double bass player) has taken me through a landscape of Electronica, Blues, Classical, Jazz, and Rock; via the usual grind of […]

Glowing Review of The Black Drop

Dan Harms reviews The Black Drop Overall, the Black Drop is a fantastic scenario and one of the strongest scenarios in the Trail line – which, in turn, makes it one of the strongest Cthulhoid RPG scenarios published in recent times.  As always, it’s worth getting even if you play Call of Cthulhu instead of […]

Black Drop

The Black Drop is a one-shot adventure for Trail of Cthulhu written by Jason Morningstar, the award-winning designer of the Shab-al-Hiri Roach and Fiasco. Something slowly gathers strength beneath the frozen basalt of the remote Kerguelen archipelago – a monstrous thing once worshipped and then betrayed, a terrible god from the antediluvian past. It’s time […]

Wanted: Ashen Stars playtesters

Wanted: Playtesters for Ashen Stars (GUMSHOE Space) System: This is a stand-alone game using the GUMSHOE system. Who are the PCs: The PCs freelance law enforcement officers called lasers contracting their services to a central authority weakened by stellar war. They investigate kipdnappings, deliver cargoes, chase fugitives, collect debts, but they must keep careful track […]

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